Dr. Kevin Lanning

Professor of Psychology and Data Science

Dr. Kevin Lanning

Ph.D., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
A.B., Psychology, University of California, Berkeley


Work Experience

Oregon State University, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology
University of New South Wales, Lecturer
Oregon State University, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley, Lecturer


I use data science to study human nature. My work includes three main themes. The first is the analysis of language, and how the words we use reflect on personality development and culture. The second is the analysis of social networks, especially how these can tell us about the structure of scholarly communities (for example, the relationship between 'sociology' and 'psychology'). The third is the role of political beliefs in our self-concepts. (http://wise.fau.edu~lanning).

I was one of the first faculty hired at the WHC, and regularly teach psychology (Personality), other behavioral sciences (Political Psychology, Behavioral economics), and data science (Introduction to Data Science, Computational Social Science). I have been fortunate to work with exceptional students, and they have gone on to exceptional careers.

I am an amateur photographer and a coffee-drinker. I love to travel, especially if I can work a little each day. I am a dog-person (by which I mean that I like dogs, not that I am a canine-hominid hybrid). I have an odd sense of humor.

Contact: 561-594-1018; WB 220

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