Dr. Yaouen Fily

Assistant Professor of Physics


Ph.D., Condensed Matter Physics, Université de Tours, France

Master, Dynamical systems of statistics of complex matter, Université Paris VI, France

Agrégation de Sciences Physiques, option Physiques

Licence, Physics, Université Paris VI/Ecole Normale Supériure de Cachan, France


I study collective motion in biological systems like fish schools and biological tissues using concepts from the physics of fluids, liquid crystals, foams, and piles of sand. My work aims to explain how coherent motion emerges from individual interactions, how to design artificial systems that move collectively, and how such systems deal with complex environments.

I try to teach a little physics to biologists, a little biology to physicists, and a little programming to both. More importantly, I try to convince physics and biology students that they can solve great problems together, and that they need each other to solve them.


Contact: 561-299-0879; HC 151


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