J.M. Rubin Foundation Internship in Government Scholarship

The J.M. Rubin Foundation Distinguished Internship in Government provides a merit scholarship of up to $3,000 for a truly gifted student who is interested in political science and law to engage in a substantive and rewarding internship in state or federal government. Criteria and requirements for selection:

  • outstanding academic merit (based on cumulative GPA at the Wilkes Honors College after a minimum of at least one full year);
  • acceptance as an intern in a significant governmental office at either the state or national level;
  • approval of the internship by the faculty advisor;
  • the student must receive a minimum of 3 credits for the internship.

To apply for a summer internship award:

  1. Complete the HC online internship form for an internship in government at either the state or national level. Examples might include working for a state representative in the state capitol, for a Congressman in Washington, D.C., for a political campaign, for a government agency, for the district attorney's office, for a judge in the county courthouse, or participation in a selective government internship program through, e.g., DCinternships.org or Florida Gubernatorial Fellows program.

  2. Send an email to honorscollege@fau.edu with the subject "Rubin Government Scholarship" and in the email indicate that you have submitted the online form proposing an internship in government and would like to be considered for the Rubin Internship in Government Scholarship. You may provide any additional information about the internship that you did not include in your online form that clarifies the significance of your proposed internship in government. If there are costs associated with the internship, lay them out in your email.

*Deadline for applying: Students are urged to apply as early as possible. Review will begin April 1 and will continue until the scholarship is awarded. The award will be issued only upon receipt of the signed internship contract from the onsite internship supervisor. Recipients are expected to provide a summary of their internship and note of appreciation to the Rubin Foundation upon completion of the internship.