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Center Mission

In this this age of rapid-fire technological innovation, it is time to ask: What is the best way to navigate a brave new world? Answering this question is the aim of FAU’s Center for the Future Mind.

The key to exploring the human future is to put empirical research in dialogue with issues involving meaning, value and ethics. In this way, the future is approached with conceptual clarity about what technology can achieve as well as a sense of what it should achieve.

FAU’s Center for the Future Mind is a collaboration between the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters and the FAU’s Brain Institute, which draws from the expansion of collaborative research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence and other areas in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — especially with partners Scripps Research and the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience. This is the only place on Earth where Max Planck and Scripps — the top two biomedical research institutes in the world — are co-located, providing unparalleled opportunities for collaborative work on pressing questions about the future of the mind.

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Give to the Center. The gift fund for the center is the William F. Dietrich eminent scholar fund.