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Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics

FAU Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics

The Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics (MS-DSA) is a multi-college interdisciplinary program, jointly administered by the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, the College of Engineering & Computer Science, the College of Business, and the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters. It is designed to provide students with interests in Data Science and Data Analytics a unique and multifaceted educational opportunity within and across each of its areas of concentration. The four concentrations are Data Analytics in Business, Data Science and Engineering, Data Science in Society, and Data Science via Scientific Inquiry. Students will emerge from the program with a broad understanding of data challenges and opportunities, along with the research and inquiry skills necessary to conduct independent research and answer questions within their area of specialization. Graduates will be well prepared with rich hands-on experience and data analytics skills to enter the high demand workforce in the era of big data and quantum information processing under exciting roles such as Data Curator, Data Analyst, Statistician, Data Scientist, Market Analyst, Software Engineer, and others.

To allow for maximum flexibility in career aspirations, applicants may select from four concentrations:

Data Science and Analytics MS: Data Science in Society

Data Science and Analytics MS: Data Science in Business

Data Science and Analytics MS: Data Science and Engineering

Data Science and Analytics MS: Data Science via Scientific Inquiry

Admissions Requirements

In addition to meeting all of the University and College admission requirements for graduate study, each applicant for the MS-DSA program must:

  • have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and possess a minimal background consisting of MAC 2233 (Method of Calculus) or equivalent, STA 2023 (Introductory Statistics) or equivalent, and computer programming COP 2220, MAD 2502, or equivalent. Knowledge of Python and statistical packages, such as R, as well as coursework in linear algebra are recommended.
  • have a minimum of 3.0 GPA (B or better average) on the last 60 hours of undergraduate credits and establish graduate level proficiency.
  • provide two letters of recommendation.
  • have a minimum GRE score of 151 Verbal and 151 Quantitative for GREs taken after August 2014. GRE scores older than 5 years prior to admission will not accepted. The Data Science and Engineering concentration requires the submission of the GRE score (Verbal and Quantitative sections), but no minimum values are imposed.

Apply Now

To be considered for admission, a completed Graduate College Admissions Application is required. Applicants should apply to the concentration that is most relevant to their educational background and career goals.

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