A Day in the Life of an ACI Student

Each student has a different schedule based on the certificate they are working on. Most students do not have class every weekday from 8 am—3 pm. The schedule varies and changes every semester. Life of a student

Some students get to and from campus via Palm Tran Connection.

All students are allowed to buy a meal plan to eat at the FAU dining hall even if they do not live on campus. However, this is highly recommended for students who live on campus.

In between classes, students:

  • Go to the dining hall
  • Work on assignments/ study
  • Relax in the burrow, where games and campus recreation equipment are available
  • Attend campus events or clubs
  • Work with job coaches at campus job sites
  • Spend time with their peer mentors

Life of a student

Email:    aci@fau.edu