Department of Spanish Studies


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This is a partial list of the advanced courses we offer our students on a regular basis.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature

  • Latin American Culture and Civilization

  • Spanish Culture and Civilization

  • Latin American Women Writers: Literature and Film

  • Introduction to Caribbean and Latin American Studies

  • Latin American literature 1880 to the present

  • Andean Cultural Studies in Ecuador (taught in Ecuador)

  • Spanish Cultural Studies in Madrid (taught in Madrid)

  • ‘Love and Desire” in Latin American Literature and Film

  • Orality and Writing in Colonial and Post-colonial Andean Literature

  • Spanish American Literature from colonial until 1880

  • Spanish Peninsular Literature from Medieval to 1800

  • Spanish Peninsular Literature from 1800 to present

  • Spanish Phonology and Dialectology

  • Structure of Modern Spanish

  • “Colonialism, Race and Revolution in Caribbean Literature”

  • Bilingualism

  • Commercial Spanish I and II

  • Spanish Translation

  • “Pop” Don Quijote

  • Advanced Oral Expression

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