(with recruitment)

In some situations, a department may need recruitment assistance from the Recruitment Services Department to fill a Student position.

A Student employee is an FAU student who works for the University in a temporary capacity and whose primary purpose for being at the University is the achievement of a degree or certification. Students are eligible for Student Employment if:

  1. They are registered at least half-time at FAU (full-time registration may be required for certain statuses)
  2. They are degree-seeking
  3. They are in good academic standing with the University

Total student assignments shall not exceed 20 hours or 0.5 FTE per week during the fall and spring semesters. However, student employees may exceed the maximum amount of hours with proper approval. Undergraduate student and graduate students who do not have an assistantship will need to obtain written approval from their academic advisors to work over 20 hours per week. Graduate students with an assistantship will have to petition the Graduate College for approval by completing and submitting a Form 10: Request to Waive a University Regulation.

  1. Create the posting in People Admin

    Login to your user account on People Admin, select the option “Create Posting” and then select the appropriate posting type (i.e. Student posting).

    Complete all of the required information on the posting details tab, including the qualifications and job summary. The working title cannot be an official University classification title.

    Hourly rates should be entered for all student assignments (exempt and non-exempt)

    After the information is complete, please submit the posting to hr.

    NOTE: Electronic approvals are no longer required in People Admin; however, approvals can still be utilized so multiple parties can review the posting information before submitting the posting to hr.

    Prior to posting the position on the FAU Career webpage, a Recruitment Services Representative will contact the hiring manager to confirm the position requirements such as the minimum qualifications, appropriate salary range, work schedule, special skills, licenses or certificates, and posting period.

    Recruitment is posted for a minimum of seven (7) days for applicants to apply. All employment applications are received through People Admin. An email will be sent to notify the hiring manager when the position is posted. The email will include information on how to access and review applications as they are received.

  2. Recruitment Closes for Applications:

    After the recruitment closes, an email will be sent by the Recruitment Services department notifying the hiring manager of the release of the pool of qualified candidates. This email will include instructions for accessing the pool of applicants and the Guest User account.

    The hiring authority will review applications and coordinate the scheduling and conducting of all interviews. A minimum of three candidates should be interviewed; however, it is strongly recommended that a sufficient number of interviews be held to get a good perspective on the qualifications of the pool of candidates. 

    To extend or re-open a posting, send an email to Recruitment Services at In the email, please include the position number and the length of time (for example, one week or two) the position should be reposted for.

  3. Candidate Identified for Hire:

    When a final candidate is identified, PRIOR to extending an offer of employment, the hiring manager must request a hiring review. A hiring review consists of approval of the starting salary and a review of the interview and selection process by Recruitment Services. 

    Prior to requesting the hiring review, the hiring manager must log into People Admin to change

    all applicant statuses, so that they reflect the outcome of the interviewing process.

    After changing the applicant statuses in  People Admin, the hiring manager must send an email to Recruitment Services (, requesting a hiring review. The email should include the position number, the candidate’s name, and the proposed starting salary.

    NOTE: The proposed starting salary must be within the posted salary range. A request to pay beyond the posted salary range may result in a delay in the hiring process. Please contact the Recruitment Services department for more details.

    A Recruitment Services representative will notify the hiring manager via email when the hiring review has been approved.  At that time, the hiring manager may contact the selected candidate to make a contingent offer of employment which is dependent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check and the confirm the starting salary.


  4. After the Contingent Offer and Initial Acceptance, Request Background Check:

    After confirming the starting salary, notify Recruitment Services via email ( that the applicant accepted the employment offer and is ready for the background check (a TAG number must be provided in order for the background check to be completed). Recruitment Services will initiate the background screening process.

    Inform the candidate that a representative from the Human Resources Department will contact them regarding the background screening procedures. The candidate will receive an email from The email subject line will read “Florida Atlantic University background verification”. The email notification will explain the background screening process and request specific information from the candidate. He/She must provide the required information before the check may proceed.

    Individuals working with a protected class will be required to complete a level 2 background screening instead of the Hire Right screening. For questions on this process, contact Recruitment Services.

    On average, background investigations can take three (3) to five (5) business days from the date the applicant submits the request. However, completion dates can also be affected by response times from local jurisdictions.

    NOTE: Background checks are required for all newly hired employees.  Returning employees may be subject to a background check dependent upon break in service.  Employees transferring to a new division are also subject to an updated background check. Motor Vehicle record and Level 2 background checks are performed based on requirements of the position.


  5. Background Check Approved: Department Contacts Candidate to Establish Start Date:

    The hiring department will receive notification from Recruitment Services when the background screening process has been completed. 

    The hiring manager may contact the candidate to confirm continued employment or agree upon a start date (when establishing start dates, please refer to the Hire Timeline ). If the selected candidate is an employee leaving their current assignment, the start date must be coordinated with their current supervisor.

  6. Complete the Appropriate Workday Process:

    NOTE: All HIRE EMPLOYEE business processes must be completed by 5:00pm on the Wednesday the week before the expected start date. Processes that are not finalized by the deadline may result in a delayed start date for the employee.

    For new or returning employee complete the following process in Workday:

    HIRE EMPLOYEE business process:

    Select new hire for new employees (no previous FAU work experience) or former employees who have not previously completed onboarding in Workday. Attach an executed OPS Conditions of Employment Form to the HIRE EMPLOYEE process in Workday.

    The OPS Conditions of Employment Form must be on departmental letterhead and signed by the candidate (Offer Letter Templates) and attached to the Hire in Workday.

    For current employees, complete the following process in Workday:

    For current employees accepting a new student position: please initiate the ADD JOB business process. The OPS Conditions of Employment Form must be on departmental letterhead and signed by the candidate (Offer Letter Templates) and attached to the ADD JOB.

    For more information on ADD JOB and additional Workday actions for Student Employees, please refer to the Student Hiring section of the Recruitment Services website.

    For assistance with initiating HIRE EMPLOYEE business process, please review the appropriate Job Aid’s ( or by contacting Recruitment Services at

    For more information on the ADD JOB business process, please review the appropriate Job Aid or contact Student Employment at

    After the appropriate Workday process is complete, Recruitment Services will fill the position in People Admin and notify all applicants not selected for the position. 

  7. New Hire Responsibilities (Manager and Employee):

    NOTE: This does not apply for current employees processed with via the ADD JOB business process.

    It is important to notify new employees that they are required to complete the Onboarding process in Workday no later than their first day of employment. New employees will receive an email with instructions on how to sign-in to their Workday account and an email notifying them to complete the Onboarding process.

    In addition to completing the Onboarding process, please notify your new employee to report to the Department of Human Resources on their first day of employment, as they must be prepared to provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S by presenting acceptable identification for the I-9 form

 Last Modified 11/8/16