Offer Letters

Florida Atlantic University requires offer letters to be prepared for all new Administrative, Managerial and Professional (AMP), Support Personnel (SP), Temporary employees and Student Employees. After the completion of the background check, the hiring manager must complete the appropriate offer letter, which will become a part of the employee’s personnel file.  In addition to traditional offer letters, other non-standard employment terms require offer letters as well, such as Acting, Interim, Provisional and Time-Limited appointments.  Employees transitioning from a Temporary position to a line position will also be required to sign an offer letter.  Below are links to the most commonly used offer letters.  If you have an employment situation that is not addressed by the letters below, please contact the Recruitment Services department  for assistance in drafting an appropriate letter. 

In the Workday Hire or Change Job business process, please attach the signed offer letter into the Offer Letter document category and other supporting documents into the Hire document category.

Acting Appointment Letter SP to AMP Offer Letter
AMP Offer Letter - Internal only Support Personnel Regular Offer Letter 
AMP Time Limited Offer Letter Support Personnel Offer Letter - Internal Only
AMP Regular Offer Letter Temp to AMP Offer Letter 
Interim Appointment Offer Letter Temp to SP Offer Letter
OPS Conditions of Employment Forms  Provisional Appointment Offer Letter
SP Time Limited Offer Letter  

 Last Modified 11/8/16