Small & Minority Businesses

Florida Atlantic University is dedicated to improving small and minority business participation in its Purchasing program and to continuing support for all segments of Florida's growing business community. FAU will continue to solicit, counsel, advise and make available every opportunity for small and minority businesses to participate in the public procurement process.


The Purchasing Department for Florida Atlantic University procures a wide variety of supplies and services supporting various educational and research programs, administrative activities, campus operations, and maintenance services.

Vendor register as an FAU supplier on FAU's supplier portal:

Submittal of vendor information on the supplier portal does not mean that all registered vendors will receive a copy of every FAU bid. Our policy is to mail bids to a representative number of potential bidders in order to effect fair and open competition. However, all vendors requesting a copy of a specific bid will receive one.

To learn more about FAU's Small & Minority Business program, or to inquire about the public procurement process, please contact:

Carolyn Bethmann
Assistant Director
(561) 297-2608