Currently, the University has contracted an outside vendor to perform the function of physically removing obsolete, and worn out equipment from the campus. Once equipment is deemed surplus by the using department, it becomes the property of the contractor.

If an item is excess to the department (rather than surplus) and deemed to still be functional, please advertise its availability to the University community by memo or via the FAU-L e-mail list. This needs to be done prior to declaring it surplus. This will allow other departments to take advantage of obtaining useful equipment.

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When the vendor makes the pick-up rounds, a member of the Property Department staff will accompany them. Continue to process all the requests through the Property Department. The Department is still responsible for handling all the records associated with these transactions and assuring proper removal from the departments accountability.

Arrangements to acquire any surplus from the surplus contractor must be negotiated directly between vendor and the interested party. Contact the Property Department for information on contacting the vendor.


 Last Modified 11/8/16