we will not be silent

by David Meyers
Southeastern Premiere
Feb. 8 – 24, 2019

Directed by Louis Tyrrell

We Will Not Be Silent

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“Louis Tyrrell...stages with an invisible hand, trusting the power of the words and the situation...”
—Hap Erstein, Palm Beach Arts Paper

“...David Meyers and Theatre Lab inject the audience so deeply into such an almost tactile dilemma on stage that we must at least ask ourselves those crucial questions about courage, conviction and integrity.”
—Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage


We Will Not Be Silent tells the true story of Sophie Scholl, a German college student who led the only major act of civil disobedience to the Nazis during the Second World War. The play examines the role that ordinary Germans played in the rise of Hitler -- and the moral strength and courage that led a group of German students to risk their lives for a righteous cause.

Cast and Crew

SOPHIE SCHOLL: Isabella Werber

KURT GRUNWALD: Michael McKenzie* 

HANS SCHOLL: Zak Westfall

GUARD: Alec Kalled+

Featuring the Vocal Talents of:

Alec Kalled+

Christian Mouisset+

Kevin Moxley+

Lauren Folland+

Rachel Michelle Bryant+

Caroline Dopson+


Director: Louis Tyrrell

Scenic Designer: Michael McClain

Costume Designer: Dawn Shamburger

Lighting Designer: Jayson Tomasheski

Sound Designer: Matt Corey

Properties Designer: John Shamburger

Production Stage Manager: Amanda Corbin*

Assistant Stage Manager: Alec Kalled+

Scenic Painting: John Shamburger, Michael McClain

Costume Shop Manager: Nicholas Jones

Wardrobe Head: Christina Battaglia

Board Operator: Sasha Arango


*Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association
the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States
^ Denotes FAU Undergraduate Student
+Denotes FAU MFA Candidate