Graduate Program

Graduate study in Italian is possible within the MA in Comparative Literature, as graduate course work in Italian can satisfy the requirements of one of its two concentrations.

The following graduate courses are available:

  • ITT 5805 Theory & Practice of Italian/English Translation
  • ITT 5807 Italian/English Translation Workshop
  • ITW 6485 Modern and Contemporary Italian Fiction
  • ITW 6908 Directed Independent Study
  • ITW 6938 Seminar in Italian Literature
  • ITW 6971 Master's Thesis

Additionally, for those interested in accumulating the 18 credits at the graduate level required for teaching at the college level, faculty are available for Directed Independent Study, and a maximum of two upper-division Italian courses may be taken for graduate credit, provided students conduct additional readings, provide and discuss a bibliography appropriate for their level, and write a substantial MLA-style research paper.

Teaching assistantships are available to full time students who wish to gain classroom experience under the supervision of second language acquisition specialists. In addition to the course work towards the degree, a graduate-level Teaching Practicum (FLE 5880) is required during the first semester. Graduate applicants interested in applying for this competitive award should indicate so in their Statement of Purpose that accompanies the graduate application. In addition, they should the Advanced Competency Exam in Italian as soon as possible, preferably before the end of the Spring term (contact the Italian Program Head at for scheduling this test).

In order to receive and keep this academic award, students must maintain full-time status (9 credits per semester; 6 credits for Summer GTA-ships). All full-time students, including international students, are eligible to apply for this award.

In addition, the Italian Studies program regularly contributes to the Literatures, Literacies and Linguistics track in the PhD in Comparative Studies.