Mauricio J Almonte
Senior Instructor of Spanish
Culture and Society Building - 97
Room 271
Tel: 561.297.0321

Areas of Expertise
Translation, Academic Service-Learning, Community Outreach

Mauricio J. Almonte is a writer, translator, and former Master Teacher for the College of Arts and Letters (2013-16) whose most recent publications appear in THAT Literary Review, Small Axe Saloon, and CultureStrike Magazine.

Current projects include a bibliographical work indexing approx. 15,000 epistolary texts that comprise the letter-to-the-editor section of El Caribe, 1948-61, the newspaper of record in the Dominican Republic during the middle of the twentieth century.

Recent Publications

Almonte, M. “The Trouble with Bang.” THAT Literary Review 4 (Spring 2019). Forthcoming.
Almonte, M. “A Million Details.” Small Axe Saloon 30 (Feb. 2019). Forthcoming.
Almonte, M. “Aita con aparato y joven mudo.” Exergos Oct. 2016.
Almonte, M., translator. “All That, Running.” By Argenis Osorio, CultureStrike Magazine Aug. 2016.
Almonte, M., translator. “The Visitors.” By Alberto Guerra Naranjo, CultureStrike Magazine May 2016.


ENC 1101/02 — College Writing (English)
SPN 1120/21 — Beginning Spanish
SPN 2220/21 — Intermediate Spanish
SPN 2161 — Spanish for Careers: Healthcare
SPN 2341 — Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Learners
SPN 3343 — Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners
SPN 3400 — Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPT 4800 — Introduction to Spanish Translation