Spring 2018 Bachelor
of Fine Arts Exhibition

Ritter Art Gallery: April 20 – May 4, 2017
Opening: Thursday, April 19, 6:30 pm


BFA pic
MFA Installation
BFA Installation
BFA Installation


Ashley Avril
Kyle Barnes
Macarena Barrueco
Sharon Bastin
Neddjie Bien-Aime
Audra Birt
Alana Brodie
Nickson Brutus
Stacey Cluney
Patrick Delaney
Ronald Esperant
Leah Freeman
Ryan Griffon
Renee Kenney
Sharene Mullings
Jaimee-Lee Noel
Mark Pagan
Adriana Portobanco
Brandon Powers
Daniela Pytleski
Chessy Ricca
Ricardo Rodriguez
Eliana Roman
Terah Strauss
Melissa Turco
Skylar Wasserman


The Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition is the culminating project for students earning a degree
in visual arts from the Department of Visual Arts and Art History. In the convergence of
concentrations, interests, materials and backgrounds, the students have come together in
search of a common ground. Each artist in this exhibition, over the last four years at FAU,
has developed her or his own respective creative voice. And yet, they have worked as a
group to curate a show that highlights how differences can, and do work together.