Self-Reported Student Academic Record (SSAR)

Beginning this academic year, Florida Atlantic University has made important changes in how we process high school transcripts. The University has adopted the Self-Reported Student Academic Record (SSAR). This new method allows students to enter all courses and associated grades that have been attempted, or will be attempted, for high school and/or college credit without requiring the submission of an official transcript to the university (official transcripts will be required after high school graduation only).

Linking SSAR with the application

At this point, there are two options to complete the process: 

1) Go to and click on the SSAR option. Create/Log in with your SSAR account and submit your SSAR to link it to your FAU application.

2) Another option is to login using your SSAR account and FAU application confirmation number at After you complete SSAR, go to the FAU SSAR linking page with your SSAR credentials and FAU application confirmation number and select CONTINUE and then submit your SSAR to FAU



After you have completed your FAU admissions application, you will receive a confirmation email that we received your admissions application.  You must complete your FAU application first in order to link your SSAR.  Click on the “Link Self-Reported Academic Record” in your confirmation email to go to the SSAR record.



Yes, if they have followed an academic curriculum patterned after the traditional U.S. system. If the curriculum followed cannot be represented on the SSAR, we ask that you contact the Office of Admissions at or 561-297-3040 for further instruction.

Yes, you will complete the SSAR. Students that have graduated from high school will list all of their coursework and all final grades on the SSAR.

All freshman applicants (excluding the exceptions) must complete the SSAR. If you are unable to complete the SSAR, you must contact the Office of Admissions at or 561-297-3040.

Yes. Every academic course that you have attempted for high school credit while in middle school/junior high school must be listed on the SSAR.

The SSAR collects grades on a semester basis. Please refer to the following examples to guide your grade submission. If your high school transcript has:

  1. Only semester grades: enter your semester grades as shown on your transcript.
  2. Only final grades: enter the final grade twice (first semester and second semester) for yearlong courses (one credit), and once for semester-long courses (1/2 credit). For example, if you earned a grade of B in Algebra I which is a yearlong course (1 credit), enter that grade twice (first semester and second semester).
  3. Both semester grades and final grades: use the final grade. For example, if you took Algebra I earning an A in the first semester and a B in the second semester with your final grade being a B, enter a grade of B twice (first semester and second semester).
  4. Both trimester grades and final grades: use the final grade. If the course is yearlong, enter the final grade twice. If the course is only for one trimester, enter the grade in either the first or second semester.
  5. Block scheduling: you are completing a yearlong course (one credit) in one semester and a semester-long course (1/2 credit) in nine weeks. A one credit course will be entered twice (first semester and second semester), and a 1/2 credit course will be entered once.
  6. Dual-enrollment courses: you must self-report all college courses' grades listed on your transcript. If your course is one credit in high school, enter the grade twice (first semester and second semester). If your course is 1/2 credit, enter the grade once.
  7. Numerical grades: you must convert to A-F grades using the following grading scale.
A 4 (90-100)
B 3 (80-89)
C 2 (70-79)
D 1 (60-69)
F 0 (below 60)

If your transcript does not fall into one of the above categories, please email the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or 561-297-3040.

It is very important that you keep the information in your SSAR current. You should update your SSAR if you have changes to your class schedule or mid-year grades which were not available when your SSAR was first created.

In order to update your SSAR, you will first need to unlock it. Once you have logged back into your SSAR, click on the "Record Complete" link at the top of the page.


Next, on the Record Complete page, click the "Update Academic Record" link.


After clicking that link, you will see the message below. Click the "OK" button to unlock your SSAR.



Now that your SSAR is unlocked, this page provides the links you will need to edit the applicable sections of your SSAR

  • Clicking on the "Edit Schools” link, on the right side of the page, allows you to change your graduation year, high school you are graduating from, dates of attendance, or grade scale.
  • Clicking on the "Edit Coursework" link, on the right side of the page, allows you to change your course details and grades, cumulative weighted GPA, and class rank.

“Edit Schools” link

This is where you will make changes to your graduation year, dates of attendance, grading scale, and high school. 

Your graduating high school is where all information is listed, regardless of how many high schools you may have attended. After you have made all of the updates you need on this page, click the "Continue" button at the bottom to move to the Coursework section of your SSAR.

CAUTION: If you click on the trash can icon, you will delete your high school and all associated information from your SSAR. If you only wish to change the high school, select the edit option and avoid the trash can. Only select the trash can icon if you have mistakenly entered the wrong high school when creating your SSAR!




“Edit Coursework” link

This is where you will make changes to your course details and grades, cumulative weighted GPA, and class rank.

Click the “Edit” button on the right side of the page, and you will receive a pop-up window allowing you to update this information.  When finished, click “Continue”

IMPORTANT: If you receive an error message, or do not see the pop-up window, please check your browser settings to ensure that pop-ups are allowed for this site, and try again.  There may be further pop-ups in future steps.





Click the "Edit" button next to the correct subject to update your course grades and details. 

You will receive a new pop-up window, showing any coursework you previously entered, where you can make changes to that information, or add new course details.


  • IMPORTANT:  We highly suggest that you take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with the instructions, before making any changes to your coursework.
  • To do so, please click on the "Re-display detailed instructions" link, shown below.



This page will show all the coursework you have previously entered, including any Senior Year courses that were entered with an “In-Progress” grade.  To make any corrections, or update an “IP” grade, click on the “Edit” link next to the semester grade you want to change.

You can also remove dropped, or incorrect courses, as well as add new courses, on the same screen.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that only one line can be updated at a time.



Once you have selected “Edit”, the selected course will appear in the Edit Course potion of the page.  Simply alter the grade shown to the new grade (including “In-Progress” to an actual grade), then select “Save Changes.”


When finished making any needed changes in a particular subject area, select “Back.”


These steps are to be repeated, as necessary, to update the mid-year grades for all of your senior year courses, or for any other corrections and updates needed.

When you are finished updating, select the “Review/Submit” button below on the page.