Service Awards Honorees 2020

50 Years
Tomas Schonbek

Tomas came to the United States from Buenos Aires in 1966 to study mathematics at MIT. Immediately after obtaining his Ph.D. in 1970, he joined Florida Atlantic University and became an essential member of the Department of Mathematics. Tomas was chair of the Department from 1977 to 1982. During those five years, the number of math majors increased significantly, due in large part to the emphasis given to applied mathematics and to the computer science track.

45 Years
David Wartbuton

Dr. Warburton earned a PhD in Geochemistry from University of Chicago in 1978 and joined FAU in 1975! He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1991 and became a registered Professional Geologist in 1989. During his tenure as FAU, he has made great contributions in instruction and received multiple awards at college level, including Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (1987), and Distinguished Teacher of the Year nominee (2004). He has been the faculty advisor for geology major for decades and a strong advocate of field experiential learning. His other service includes Assistant Department Chair (2005-present), Acting Assistant Dean (1993), Master Teacher, among others.

David Wolgin

David Wolgin has the distinction of being the longest-serving member of the Psychology Department. He established one of the first animal laboratories at the University in the remote T-Buildings on the former airbase runways. There he and his students studied brain-behavior relations in rats, including the role of the basal ganglia in inhibiting stimulant-induced stereotypy, recovery from lateral hypothalamic damage, and tolerance to stimulant drugs. This makes Dave the pioneering neuroscientist at FAU, even before we had the term “neuroscience.” Later Dave served as Chair of the Department of Psychology, guiding the department through good times and bad for nearly 20 years.

40 Years
Nurgon Erdon

Nurgun Erdol:  Dr. Erdol has been in our college for more than 40 years. She was the chair of the department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from 2013 to 2019, and contributed tremendously to the growth of the department with her tireless effort. She has also been successful in research in digital signal processing and acoustics.

35 Years
Chrisencia Barzey

To know that you have worked for A.D Henderson University School for 35 years is unbelievable and you show up everyday with an new excitment for teaching your students. You started as a "rookie" and very quickly became an informal leader amongst your peers and administration. It is a pleasure to honor an individual such as yourself. Your commitment and loyalty to our organization is greatly appreciated by all who have come to know you. Your love for teaching and molding young minds is an exemplary model of teaching. You pour your heart into every iniative, even when it's a challenge. You work with student teachers and your mentor new teachers. It is because of veteran teachers such as yourself that our profession will continue to be the cornerstone of our community. Thank you for your years of service!

Maryann Blane

Maryann Blane has served multiple offices throughout her FAU career. Currently, she serves as a key pillar supporting FAU’s lower-division academic advising program. She has been not only the chief budget officer but has provided all of the administrative support for two offices – University Advising Services and ACCESS -- that now have more than thirty advisors and twenty or more student employees. She provides invaluable administrative support for the University Honors Program (UHP) and organizes the annual ceremony for students completing all UHP requirements. Maybe even more important then her duties is her work ethic and positive attitude she brings to the office every day. She provides a calming, quiet influence with the office.

Selma Bober

Selma is a wonderful example and an inspiration that no matter how advanced you may be in age, you can always be young at heart. Selma handles the scanning needs of the department and does so with gusto.  She is also our resident historian as she often shares how the campus has evolved throughout her employment at the university. We have missed her daily presence in the office during this pandemic year and can’t wait to see her back in person very soon. We thank her for her hard work and dedication through the years

Charles Carraher

Dr Carraher was recognized as the most outstanding chemist in the southeastern United States by the American Chemical Society (ACS) in 1992. Throughout his career Dr. Carraher authored about 70 books and over 1,000 scientific articles. In addition, he serves as co-chair of the ACS’s Joint Polymer Education Committee, he is on the board of the Intersocietal Polymer Education Committee, and has been a member of the ACS’s Committee on Professional Training . Dr. Carraher was the recipient of the 2002 Distinguished Researcher Award from Allied Technologies. In 2016 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in Polymer Science by the Polymer Division.

Stewart Glegg

Dr. Stewart Glegg is a highly rated Professor in the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering, both for his classroom teaching and for his research activities in acoustics. He is well-regarded in the worldwide acoustics community, serving on the editorial boards of leading journals and playing a leading role in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. His most recent research is on learning from the silent flight of owls in developing novel methods to reduce flow noise associated with aircraft and wind turbines. Dr. Glegg loves to be on the water in his sailboat.

Taghi Khoshgoftaar

Taghi Khoshgoftaar: Dr. Khoshgoftaar is the Motorola-endowed Chair in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is an expert in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, and has been extremely productive in his research. His Google Scholar citation score is more than 30,000, one of the highest in the nation.  

Carol McGuirk

Prof. Carol McGuirk has served the English department in sterling fashion for 35 years. She is one of the leading scholars on the Scottish poet Robert Burns, as well as a trailblazer and national authority in science fiction studies. Prof. McGuirk is a kind and understanding teacher who appreciates her students as much as they appreciate her. She has also served nearly every service role within the department, to its great benefit. She retires at the end of her 35th year at FAU making an immeasurable impact upon the University and its students.

Darlene Parrish

Dr. Darlene Parrish should be recognized for 35 years of dedicated service to the FAU Libraries and the University. She is well respected by her colleagues for her expertise as the Assessment Librarian including her pivotal role in such critical assessment projects as the ACRL/IPEDS surveys and the Libraries’ Outcomes in the University Assessment Database. Darlene is also recognized for her highly specialized knowledge as the Business Academic Liaison to the College of Business departments of Accounting, Finance, and Economics. She exemplifies the highest standards of collegiality with compassion, encouragement, and teamwork at the heart of all of her professional interactions.

Maria Petrie

Maria Petrie: Dr. Petrie has served our university for 35 years. She was the Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and has been in several leadership positions in Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI).  Her dedication to her instructional, research and service activities has won deep admiration from her peers and her students.

Sarah Shannon

Sarah Shannon's work with FAU and the IOG has been exceptional. She serves both the FAU university community and numerous local governments.

Robin Vallacher

Robin Vallacher is a prolific experimental social psychologist who put FAU on the map as a place where cutting-edge research in human behavior was conducted. He is a talented wordsmith, which helped make his theories of action identification and dynamical social psychology, among others, easily accessible to a wide audience and bring prominence to his research at FAU. He, his colleagues, and many students have adapted principles and methods from complexity science and nonlinear dynamical systems to investigate a wide range of topics in personality and social psychology, including self-concept, self-regulation, mindfulness, social judgment, close relationships, stereotyping and prejudice, sport psychology, social change, and intergroup and international conflict. He has also served his Department as the long-standing Chair of the Personnel Committee and more recently as Interim Chair.

30 Years
David Binninger

As associate chair for the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Binninger has been a long standing behind-the-scenes force that helps keep the largest department at FAU running smoothly. His research focuses on the causes of oxidative damage to proteins in aging using the fruit fly as a model organism. As the director of the Professional Science Masters in Business Biotechnology, he has introduced countless students to the innovative field of biotechnology. And, in partnership with many local companies, he has helped them find many pathways to satisfying careers in the industry. Thank you for your many and ongoing contributions to our students and our department.

Steven Bressler

Steven Bressler was a founding member of the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences where he established the Cognitive Neurodynamics Laboratory. The central goal of Steve’s laboratory has been to understand the spatio-temporal dynamics of brain activity as it relates to cognition. He has made substantial contributions to the field of large-scale neural networks in the brain, with papers cited over 17,000 times in leading research journals, including Nature, Science, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. He has also served an editor and editorial board member on prestigious journals and organized a number of international conferences on large-scale brain networks.

Deb Brooks

Deb has provided high levels of service and support to the University both as a member of the HR Organization and as a member of FHIS.  She is a valuable member of our team offering guidance, assistance, advice, or even just a friendly ear when needed. Deb truly embodies the gold standard of patience in offering service to the users she supports.  If she doesn’t know the answer she will always seek to find it rather than passing someone off to others .  She continually volunteers and offers assistance to all areas of the University including participating in the mentoring program, the human library and the student outreach call campaigns most recently.  Deb is a well-respected source of information and assistance across all levels at the University.  We are fortunate to have her at FAU for all of these years and most importantly as a member of the FHIS team.

Denise Campbell

Denise has had a diverse career at FAU which gives her great insights into the organization and strong relationships across all areas.  She shares her knowledge and experience freely with others to help mentor and develop members of the team.  She continually demonstrates patience, kindness and generosity towards everyone she works with and is recognized as a strong leader, great teammate and well-respected colleague. Denise provides extensive support to the HR team and Workday users and strives to improve the Workday experience at FAU.  She is a valuable member of the leadership of FHIS and is recognized for providing high levels of customer service across the University. 

Gerard Clinton

With 30 years of service to FAU, Jerry Clinton is one of the longest-serving and most experienced business managers at the University. He serves as the Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration for the College of Social Work & Criminal Justice and is responsible for the administrative functions of the college, including budgeting, accounting, and grant administration as well as numerous “behind the scenes” responsibilities that are critical to successful and sustainable operation.
Jerry demonstrates his commitment to the University’s race to excellence every single day through proactive problem-prevention and, when necessary, creative problem solving. He approaches each task, interaction and inquiry with an inspiring level of professionalism and service. Jerry received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell and his MBA from FAU. He is married to his wife, Ginny and he is the proud father of two - his son, Kevin, and daughter, Lee.
Thank you for your service these past 30 years and counting!

Marshall De Rosa

Marshall DeRosa has been an outstanding colleague and teacher. He is an expert on the Constitution and American Political Development. As the department's undergraduate director he advises our students and steps forward to serve the university and community with imapctful programs on civics education.

Manhar Dhanak

Professor Manhar Dhanak is currently serving as the chair of the Department of Ocean & Mechanical Engineering (OME) and the Director of the Institute for Ocean and Systems Engineering – SeaTech. Professor Dhanak is a prominent researcher in the areas of hydrodynamics, autonomous maritime systems, and ocean energy. Over the past three decades he has contributed to research projects funded in excess of $20M from federal and state agencies (ONR, NSF, NAVSEA, DOE, DHS and State of Florida). Last year, he led a research team in OME that conducted two COVID-19 related experiments that were reported worldwide in more than 115 national and international media outlets.  I am grateful for Professor Dhanak’s 30 years of extraordinary service to the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Stephen Engle

Stephen Engle has been an invaluable member of the History Department at FAU for 30 years. An expert in 19th-century US history, Dr. Engle has published many critically-acclaimed books on the period of the American Civil War. A recent Distinguished Teacher of the Year, he is currently the director of FAU's internationally-known Larkin Symosium and serves as the university's Facutly Athletic Representative. He is a former chair and graduate director.The consummate teacher-scholar, his dedication to the university and its students has been immeasurable.

Kenneth Frankel

Ken Frankel is a dedicated public servant consistently demonstrating his knowledge and support of the mission and goals of FAU Libraries as the Head, Instruction, and Engagement. He assists and guides staff towards departmental goals by fostering cooperative working relationships, commitments, team spirit, and shared leadership. Ken helps to cultivate an atmosphere of interdependence by facilitating participation and group interaction among members of the Instruction and Engagement Department.

Paul Hart

Pau Hart has had a distinguished career here at FAU. He has risen through the professorial ranks here at FAU, and has made a tremendous positive impact as a faculty member and as an administrative leader. He has served as Associate Dean in the College of Business, as well as Associate Provost. Paul is calm, thoughtful, and kind, while also maintaining rigorous standards for faculty assessment. His own distinguished research record in Management Information Systems, particularly in issues regarding data privacy and security is sometimes overlooked as so many know him as an administrative leader. Dr. Hart has made tremendous contributions over many years to the growth and advancement of the College of Business and all of FAU.

Kenneth Orbach

A nationally recognized tax scholar, Dr. Orbach has contributed greatly to the field of taxation by publishing papers, serving on editorial boards, and making presentations. He is the recipient of the AICPA’s prestigious Sustained Contribution Award, the American Taxation Association’s Outstanding Service Award, and is a Dean’s Distinguished Service Fellow. Dr. Orbach is well-liked by his students, who have spoken highly of him over the years. He has served admirably in leadership roles such as chair of the College of Business Faculty Assembly and chair of the College of Business Promotion and Tenure Committee. Not only is he a consummate academician and the College of Business’ preeminent tax scholar, he has been a most wonderful colleague in the School of Accounting and College of Business.

Abhijit Pandya

Dr. Abhijit Pandya has served the FAU community well over his long and productive career. He is a pioneer in the Artificial Neural Network. His book, “Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks in C++”, published by the IEEE press in 1995, was the first textbook in the field of Artificial Neural Networks. On the front of international collaboration, his role is instrumental in setting up a partnership between FAU and Nirma University (NU), India.  

Erica Parks

Erica Parks has been the stable force for the College of Education on the Davie campus for over 30 years. She has proven to be a very dependable individual projecting a warm and cheerful demeanor when interacting with faculty, staff, and students. Erica enjoys working with people and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. We are fortunate to have her representing the College of Education.
Congratulations Erica.

Shen Li Qiu

Dr. Shen Li Qiu joined the physics department in 1990, coming from a research position at the prestigious Brookhaven National Laboratory. His original research area was in the experimental determination of structural and electronic properties of complex materials, a field in which he published numerous papers and for which he repeatedly received funding from the National Science Foundation. His success was rewarded at FAU with a Researcher of the Year award in 1994. Later on, he added computational studies of these materials to his tool box, making him one of the few world experts who are able to combine theory and experiment. He is a well-liked teacher praised by his students as much for his deep knowledge and physical insight as for his laboratory skills. His ice cream stand at the physics department's annual pumpkin drop is legendary.

Mark Rose

Mark Rose has been a devoted member of the History Department at FAU now for 30 years. An expert in American urban and economic history, he has published extensively and become one of the top scholars in the field. At FAU, he teaches on the Davie and Boca Raton campuses courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is currently serving as the chair of the department's promotion and tenure commitee. Dr. Rose has been an especially dedicated mentor to countless students and would-be scholars over the years, many of whom have gone on to careers in academia.

Myriam Ruthenberg

Words cannot express how much Dr. Myriam Swennan Ruthenberg has contributed to the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature over the past 30 years. As one of the founding members of our department, and indeed, the founder of the entire Italian Studies Program, her transformational scholarship, student mentorship, and service outreach has brought renown to FAU in multiple fields -- including Italian Studies and Translation Studies. She was one of the first scholars to work on Italy's most important living writer Erri de Luca; today she is universally recognized as the world's top scholar on de Luca. But Dr. Ruthenberg is more than a scholar; indeed, her teaching innovation and scholarship fundraising are legendary. In 30 years she has brought more than half a million dollars into the program for the benefit of our students. Dr. Ruthenberg's list of accolades and honors is long indeed, but one in particular stands out: her knightship, bestowed by the President of the Republic of Italy, for her lifetime commitment to strengthening and disseminating Italy's cultural heritage through literature and language. Dr. Ruthenberg is a scholar both of the word, and of the world. We look forward to confirming her permanent place in the firmament of our department, as Professor Emerita, in the "dolce stil novo" of retirement.

Carmita Scarlett

Congratulations on your 30 years of service to Florida Atlantic University! Reaching this milestone is a very special occasion for you and for FAU. Carmita has worked with the Controller’s office during her tenure at FAU. She is known to be pleasant, starting and ending the day with a smile. It is not unusual for Carmita to be the first one in the office and the last one to leave. It is truly a superlative demonstration of her loyalty and dedication to our department and to FAU.

Edward Schwerin

Ed Schwering has been a long time pillar of the Davie campus. He has always been a fine teacher, a vocal advocate for the Davie campus and an excellent mentor for those students. He has been a former chair of the department and a leader throughout his career.

Chi Tay Tsai

Dr. C T Tsai is a conscientious Professor who dedicates significant time in carefully preparing his classes in the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering. Students value his teaching, particularly his class in Finite Element Analysis, and remember him well long after they graduate. His colleagues value Dr. Tsai’s mild and amicable mannerism and his thoughtful feedback to faculty discussions. Off duty, Dr. Tsai is an avid tennis player who takes every game seriously and is generally hard to beat.

Yuan Wang

Yuan Wang has published over 55 articles in Control Theory. Has served as a departmental graduate advisor from 2017-2020. Has three Ph.D. studens and was a Presidential Young Investigator.

Hanqi Zhuang

Professor Hanqi Zhuang is currently serving as the chair of the Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (CEECS). Under his leadership the department introduced several modern new programs including the MS program in AI as well as executive programs in Computer Science (BS, MS, PhD). At the same time the research portfolio of the department reached new heights including 6 NSF Career awards received by junior faculty over the past 2 years. Professor Zhuang is a prolific researcher in the area of signal processing and has contributed to collaborative research projects funded in excess of $10M. I am grateful for Dr. Zhuang’s dedication and service to the College of Engineering and Computer Science over the past 30 years.

25 Years
Bruce Arneklev

Dr. Bruce J. Arneklev is an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology & Criminal Justice.  His recent research interests are in the area of critical criminology and the influence of neoliberalism in upper education.  A portion of his present research looks at whether curiosity may be an overlooked concept in criminological theory. His research has been published in Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency, and Journal of Quantitative Criminology.   Dr. Arneklev serves as a member of FAU’s Steering Committee, the University’s Faculty Senate, FAU’s SPOT Committee, the University’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, and he is Chair of the Student-Athlete Well-Being Committee at FAU. He is a strong believer in student engagement and has been the faculty adviser for FAU’s Tae Kwon Do Club for the past 19 years.

Jennifer Bebergal

Dr. Bebergal has been an invaluable member of the Undergraduate Studies team and has been responsible for almost all of FAU’s academic support initiatives. She focused initially on building our tutoring and learning community programs. She launched a major program in Supplemental Instruction in 2007 and was part of the design team that led to the creation of the Center for Teaching and Learning. She played a major role in the writing of the Title III-A grant that led to the inauguration of the AcCESS program and was the lead writer in the grant that started The Mentoring Program. She was responsible for the creation of the Science Learning Center in the Schmidt Complex and has become increasingly involved in the Learning Assistance (LA) program; she is the co-lead on a new QEP proposal focusing on a major expansion of the LA program.

Alan Berger

Dr. Berger has been the Raddock Family Eminent Scholar in Holocaust Studies for the past 25 years. He established FAU's Jewish Studies program and founded the Center for the Study of Values and Violence after Auschwitz. A prolific scholar and generous mentor to students, Dr. Berger also has contributed to the local community by hosting of dozens of lectures, including the annual interfaith trialogue.

Alan Berger

Dr. Berger has been the Raddock Family Eminent Scholar in Holocaust Studies for the past 25 years. He established FAU's Jewish Studies program and founded the Center for the Study of Values and Violence after Auschwitz. A prolific scholar and generous mentor to students, Dr. Berger also has contributed to the local community by hosting of dozens of lectures, including the annual interfaith trialogue.

William William Bosshardt

Bill Bosshardt has worked very hard during his time at FAU. He comes into work every day and successfully manages his classes and, in particular, the Center for Economic Education which has been a COB success story.

Marjorie Cazeau

Marjorie has served the FAU community well for her 25 years here. She is well known on campus and whenever we need a connection Marjorie can help us make connections and get things done. For example, her work with the I-Corps teams and Ken Dawson-Scully has been very helpful and responsive. We look forward to her continuing efforts in the future.

Lynnette Connor

Lynnette joined the FAU Family in October 1995. She began her career as a Library Technical Assistant at the then Circulation Department, now Accesses Services Department. Over the years, she took on several assignments and ascended to the position of Library Specialist. Lynnette thrived and continued to assist and provide needed help to students, faculty, and staff to satisfy their educational quest available in and out of the library. She did a good job in maintaining the Children’s Literature books collection in the library as her primary assignment. She is also responsible for the production of signage, laminations, and print notification of events in the library. Lynnette participated in the FAU community service initiatives by volunteering for a non-profit organization in the community. An example was her participation at a fundraising activity for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Palm Beach.

Ali Farazmand


Peter Goumas

Peter has been the College's IT Director for over fifteen years.  He has held the College of Business to the highest standard for internet safety and security and has supervised an IT Group that provides the College with excellent customer service.  In addition, Peter designed, tested and perfected the College's current Lecture Capture Video Streaming technology that services thousands of students each year. His work ethic and attention to details speaks for itself.  As he nears retirement, we wish him all the best and will miss ALL of the services he provided with such perfection.

Sue Graves

Throughout her 25-year career at FAU, Dr. Sue Graves has made substantial and on-going contributions in all areas of her assignment.  Dr. Graves has taught numerous required and elective courses within the department of Exercise Science & Health Promotion.  She is recognized by her students as knowledgeable, available and dedicated.  Her scholarship has spanned healthy aging to standardized assessments of balance in concussed football players.  Her service work is particularly noteworthy and includes chairing and membership on department, college and university committees. Dr. Graves has worked in leadership positions for community organizations and as a Fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) where she was elected as the President of the Southeast Region of the ACSM and as a member of the ACSM Foundation Board.  Indeed, her work with the ACSM has provided national exposure for her department, college and Florida Atlantic University.

Edward Henderson

For over two decades, Ed Henderson has been an excellent asset to ocean and mechanical engineering faculty and students. With his vast experience, knowhow and competence in electronics, Ed has been instrumental to the development of many ocean technologies at FAU, including the well-known Ocean Explorer autonomous underwater vehicles. Ed provides students hands-on training in assembling circuit boards for their design projects. Congratulations Ed, for this well-deserved Service Award!

Joanne Julia

From her participation in the development of the MacArthur Campus in Jupiter to leading the Instructional Technologies team within OIT, Joanne had dedicated her 25 years to supporting the academic needs of the faculty and staff at FAU. Her team regularly gets accolades for their service-oriented attitude, which is a reflection of her leadership. This leadership was never more important than in the past year, as she successfully led her team through the incredible surge in demand for Instructional remote support due to COVID.

John Leeds

Prof. John Leeds is Associate Professor in the Department of English, where he previously served as an Instructor. Prof. Leeds is renowned, especially on the Davie campus, as one of the most popular and most effective teachers we have, particularly in Medieval and Renaissance studies, as well as in the history of the English language, the structure of modern English and related courses.. He is also a leading scholar in neo-Latin grammar and literature and serves the department in the same committed and passionate fashion in which he teaches.

Leslie Leip


Mary Lieberman

Dr. Mary Lieberman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Edudational Leadership and Research Methodology. Her primary research focuses on the development of computer programs designed to make statistical analyses easier and more common sense oriented, including Monte Carlo simulations and contrasting regression paradigms. Dr. Lieberman is the Lead Instructor for Masters Level research methodology courses for College of Education graduate students.

Kerry Lowery

Kerry has been involved with the technological evolution for Facilities Management including running some of the first data lines for the department to moving some of the area’s services to cloud based platforms. He consistently provides support to employees in the areas with a smile even with those more “challenging” issues.

Andrzej Nowak

Andrzej Nowak is an internationally renowned scholar, who divides his time between FAU and the University of Warsaw. His primary research focus is on the dynamical approach to social psychology, social influence, computer simulations of psychological and social processes, psychology and new technology, conflict, and behavioral economy. In his long collaboration with the Department of Psychology’s Robin Vallacher, he has brought prominence to FAU as a place where cutting-edge research in social and cognitive psychology is done.

Rangasamy Ramasamy

Dr. Ramasamy is a dependable member of the Department who teaches undergraduate classes through doctoral dissertations. He consistently receives among the highest teaching ratings in the College, and was one of the early faculty to explore on-line teaching. Rama’s recent contribution is to coordinate the Holmes’ Scholars, a select group of College of Education doctoral students of color.

Angela Rhone

Dr. Rhone has been a tireless advocated for students, particularly on Davie campus. She is an inspriation to her students of all backgrounds.

Craig Sartori

Craig is an invaluable member of College Computing Services who has always given the highest of service and communication above and beyond. He stepped up even further this last year to adapt to providing superior service with the new norm.

Sheri Sundquist

Ms. Sundquist is consistently mentioned by the College leadership team as the exemplary administrative assistant, one of the most efficient and knowledgeable secretaries in the college and the university. She commands superb knowledge of her work, exceptional skills, and highest quality of work, while being most helpful, efficient, and effective. Working with minimum supervision, she is most reliable, independent, and exact. During the Spring 2020 online transition, Sheri transitioned without any disruption of any of her tasks and responsibilities. Nobody noticed how she did it, how much effort it costed her, how much training - everything was seamless. I am aware that, as for everybody else, this was a big change, but at no time Sheri allowed any slow down of her work.

Ruth Tappen

Published over 100 articles in distinguished journals throughout the world. Received a “Book of the Year” award by American Journal of Nursing for one of her many published textbooks. Received funding for over 60 research studies, 20 of which are considered major grants. Recently awarded a $5.3 million grant by the National Institute on Aging for a memory and driving study. Founded FAU’s Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center. Completed a series of studies on a patient-centered Decision Guide that received a National and an Ohio Chapter Journalism Award from the American College of Health Care Administration. Received the John A Hartford Foundation Geriatric Research Award presented by the Southern Nursing Research Society. Recently selected as an inductee into Sigma’s International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame.

Richard Voss

Was part of a large grant ($3 million) with H.-O. Peitgen for M.S.T. program for Teachers in Broward County. His Ph.D. was in Physics and he has published articles on fractals. Is a popular instructor and his online classes have been a model for other faculty.

Ana Werner

Ana started her journey at FAU in Physical Plant department and worked her way thru Facilities Management Business Office and Space Utilization and Analysis. During her 25 years at FAU, she has been a great team player, loyal and dedicated employee and her talents and efforts have helped our success. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Jeanette Wyneken

An internationally renowned sea turtle biologist, Dr. Wyneken has a passion for education, not only of her many graduate students and the hundreds of undergraduate students she has exposed to research over the years, but also for public outreach. She is the face of sea turtle biology at FAU as well as at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Dr. Wyneken is also the “go-to” person for veterinarians from around the country when it comes to questions of reptile anatomy and biology, and she has edited books on the biology of turtles and the biology of sea turtles. Recently, she designed the first method to track endangered baby leatherback turtles across the ocean, so that for the first time we may learn how they spend their initial months at sea.

20 Years
Keva Anderson-Konsker

Keva came to our college almost four years ago, with 16 years of experience in advising at FAU. She brought with her a vast knowledge of FAU's systems and policies, and expertise in working with students who are challenged with graduating on time. Keva now serves as the Retention Specialist and shares her knowledge in planning, organizing, and presenting individual and comprehensive support service sessions in the development and implementation of a customized retention plan. Keva demonstrates the ability to develop effective working relationships with her students, but also with faculty and staff. She demonstrates a commitment and dedication towards ensuring the academic success of the students, along with a notable committment and passion to her profession.

Aniela Aponte

Ms. Aniela Aponte has, over her 20 years, performed her many jobs effectively and efficiently. She is always able to help anyone who may need assistance. In fact, Ms. Aponte, is our "go to" person for the COE at the Jupiter/MacArthur campus. Ms. Aponte has multiple responsibilities, and she exceeds expectations in each of her roles. Ms. Aponte is so effective in her roles, that other members of the College of Education staff will routinely reach out to her assistance, which she gladly provides. Her quality of work is outstanding. She is a true professional. Ms. Aniela Aponte has been, and continues to be, extremely valuable to the College of Education.

Allan Barsky

Dr. Allan Barsky demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the School, College, University and Profession through  his instruction, scholarship and service. Dr. Barsky not only provides leadership in our School, College and University, he also works tirelessly in every task he takes on. During the past year, notably, he responded to the needs in our profession by preparing several webinars as well as publications on the ethics of social work practice during the pandemic. Additionally, Dr. Barsky was instrumental in the development of a proposed certificate focused on social justice in our School. As a faculty member for 20 years, Dr. Barsky has been a crucial part of the development of both a Masters and Doctorate of Social Work program in our School.

Traci Baxley

Dr. Baxley’s scholarship, teaching, and service are grounded in concerns with equity and social justice and themes central in the Black community. Her aim is to support educators dedicated to multicultural education and serving underserved students. She had won 2 awards for excellence and innovation in teaching at FAU, supported FAU’s Urban Male Initiatives to empower/retain students of color, and founded the Sister Circle to support black female doctoral students.

Ira Bogotch

Dr. Bogotch is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology. His scholarship is focused on inclusive leadership for social justice for vulnerable populations. He is widely recognized for his scholarship, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Bogotch is a great mentor to younger faculty and doctoral students.

Frank Boros

Over his 20 years with FAU, Frank has been a part of numerous important historical events and helped out in supporting the video team mission. He has participated in innumerable commencement ceremonies, Presidential addresses, Board of Trustee meetings, groundbreaking ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, State of the Universities, and recorded key speakers such as the Madeleine Albright, Woodward and Bernstein, and Jane Goodall. He is a team player, and always willing to lend other areas an extra pair of hands, especially during the pandemic remote working timeframe.

Michael Brady

Congratulations, Dr. Michael Brady for 20 years of service. As Professor and Chair in Exceptional Student Education, you led an active faculty to reshape teacher education programs in special education. You co-developed our Bachelor’s in Early Care and Education, opened ACI for students with intellectual disability in 2016, and helped bring CARD to FAU. In 2018, you were FAU’s Scholar of the Year.

Paulo Brida

In 20 years, Paulo has managed more complex projects than any other PM in Design and Construction. He is a team player who recently assisted with several major projects such as the Student Union and the Schmidt Family Complex; his experience and taste are unique and the guarantee to successful projects for FAU.

Amy Broderick

Professor Broderick, in her 20 years of service has been a tireless advocate of undergraduate education, an active and engaged researcher and a highly esteemed colleague. We welcome this recognition.

Rachel Corr

Dr. Rachel Corr, Professor of Anthropology at the Wilkes Honors College of FAU, is a cultural anthropologist with extensive fieldwork experience in Ecuador. Her research focuses on ritual, shamanism, ethnohistory, sacred geography, and ethnogenesis. She is the author of Ritual and Remembrance in the Ecuadorian Andes (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2010), as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Corr frequently presents her research findings at national and international conferences. She has won a number of grants, including ones from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Philosophical Society, and the Fulbright-Hays Program. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Azita Dashtaki Dotiwala

Azita has been a valued member of Facilities Management for 20 years. Azita's knowledge of university and state guidelines for managing projects and other aspects of facilities is an asset not only to the department but to the university. Her historical knowledge has proven to be an asset. Azita is highly respected as a resource by the entire university community and the board of governors.

Donald DeAquino

Don is a two-time graduate of FAU’s accounting program, and serves as Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations in the College of Business. In other words, he manages all of the money and most of the people in the College, and we are grateful for his efforts! Don is a man of the highest integrity and professional standards, and he and his family support FAU in so many ways, including contributions that have created an endowed scholarship. Don is one of those people that everyone knows can be counted on. And when things get difficult, as they always do, Don DeAquino will always work to be part of a solution that takes care of people and the University in the best way possible.

Margaret Devine

Ms. Devine has been working as the executive secratary of the School of Architecture for over 20 years. Her performance is exceptional and combines professionalism, integrity, experience, and insight. She has created a productive and sustained support of our program and is adored by all that come in contact with her. Faculty, students, and community members all give her the highest rating. The School is tremendously grateful for her years of service and looks forward to many more!

Tamara Dinev

Dr Dinev is an extraordinary scholar and academic leader. As the Chair of the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management, she leads a large department, with over 300 majors. She continues to do innovative things, including recently guiding the new Business Analytics degree through the approval process. Her publication record makes her among the most highly cited scholars in the College of Business, and her research on data privacy and information security (some co-authored with Paul Hart) has particularly influential, and this record has resulted in her being recognized as a Dean’s Distinguished Professor in the College of Business.

Evelyn Frazier

As an Instructor for Introductory Biology courses, Dr. Frazier is one of the first faces that thousands of Biology majors at FAU encounter. Her passion for teaching and for the South Florida environment, however, extends to students beyond the Department of Biological Sciences. Through our Directed Independent Research and Honors programs, Dr. Frazier guides numerous undergraduate research projects that examine the ecology of the plants and animals at or near FAU. Her recent students have been studying gopher tortoises and their burrows, and she is a champion of the FAU Preserve. She advises the student organization SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability) and writes and speaks nationally on best practices in undergraduate mentoring.

Jeffrey Galin

Prof. Jeff Galin was recently promoted to full Professor in the Department of English. He is a leading scholar on Writing Across the Curriculum, and directs the WAC program at FAU. He is also the Director of the University Center for Excellence in Writing and the Community Center for Excellence in Writing, dedicate to improving the writing and communication skills of all students at FAU and those in the Community. He has also recently been a trailblazer in introducing Writing Enriched Curriculum to a number of Departments and Schools at FAU. Prof. Galin is one of the busiest and most dedicated faculty members at FAU when it comes to service to the department, college, university, and community. He is also a well-published researcher and a committed teached. FAU would not be the same without him.

Yolanda Gamboa

Dr. Yolanda Gamboa, an integral member of the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative LIterature for 20 years, is an internationally-recognized scholar and translator. She has published extensively on literature and culture of the Spanish Golden Age, the lived experience of women in Spain and New World Florida, and literary translation studies. Her international scholarly standing earned her the Vern Williamsen Award (awarded by the Association of Hispanic Classical Theater) for the best book on Comedia studies published in the last three years. Dr. Gamboa's strong mentorship to generations of students s is equally noteworthy. We are incredibly proud of and grateful for all that Dr. Gamboa has accomplished, and we look forward to many more years of her illuminating presence.

Sheryl Gifford

Sheryl Gifford is a longtime successful Instructor in the English Department. She also successfully completed her Ph. D. in the Comparative Studies Ph. D. program in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters in the field of Caribbean Literature. She was acknowledged and honored as a "Master Teacher" a few years back and is appreciated by colleagues, students, and superisors for her dedication and hard work.

Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris is a loyal and dedicated employee. He is punctual, a hard worker and always willing to tackle any task given. He is pleasant, respectful and a team player. We greatly value his service at FAU 

Tavares Hill

Mr. Tavares Hill a.k.a., Tee, has been a loyal and valuable member of the FAU Property Management department for over 20 years. Starting as a Mail Courier and Assistant to the Property Surplus Manager, Tee has diligently worked his way to his current role as Property Manager. Over the years, Tee has built everlasting relationships while conducting inventory phases, barcoding projects, and surplus pickups in every campus of the University. Through his expertise and efficiency, Tee has repurposed assets with little to no impact to departmental budgets and has ultimately help save the University thousands of dollars each year. Tee has developed long-lasting connections in the community supporting local schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations. Tee continues to shine with a beaming personality, positive attitude, and eagerness to help. We hope to have him for many more years to come!

Michael Hofmann

Dr. Hofmann teaches political communication, mass media and public discourse in the Multimedia Studies Journalism area within the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. Hofmann has worked in public service broadcasting and at universities in both West Germany and the United States. He has published extensively on the technology, economics, and politics of media and journalism in the public sphere. Dr. Hofmann has been a dedicated advisor to countless journalism students, and has mentored many into outstading MA programs around the nation.

Henry Hutchinson

As a well established member of the EH&S department for over 20 years, Henry has contributed to the talent of FAU with his wide range of impressive credentials including being both a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional. Over the years, Henry created and fostered the first occupation medicine, occupational health, and golf cart safety programs at FAU.  He is well-known throughout the FAU community for his oversight in the areas of industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, emergency response to water events, respiratory protection, and ergonomics.

Ellen Ismalon

Ellen Ismalon joined the ESE Department in 2001 and has been organizing us ever since. Ellen coordinates course schedules, student issues, baby pictures, and book orders, and is affectionately known as the Department Den Mother. She is also a firm supporter of an old-school FAU motto: “We don’t refer problems to some else, we solve problems.” Thanks for your commitment to the Department Ellen!

Maria Jennings

Many individuals on the academic side of the university know Maria as a main connection to the Undergraduate Programs Committee and is always ready to assist faculty in understanding the curriculum process.  Maria is also responsible for maintaining and producing the University Catalog.  She also has an uncanny ability to locate documentation surrounding curriculum changes going years back.  Maria has a positive attitude and great smile that lights up a room.

Julia Lampman

Julia Lampman has a reputation throughout FAU for her generous acts of kindness and her amusing sense of humor. She has a significant impact on the positive morale in the financial aid office. In her position as a scholarship coordinator, she is compassionate, considerate, and caring with FAU students. Julia is well known in the University community as being friendly and kindhearted to everyone she meets. As we celebrate Julia’s 20 plus years of excellent service to our students, we are also thankful for the copious amounts of baked goods and numerous heartwarming quilts she has made for many of us!

Salvatore Lepore

Dr. Lepore is an accomplished chemist recognized nationally and internationally. Focus of his research program is the development of new organic reactions and their application to the synthesis of therapeutically important compounds. He inspired many of his students to pursue careers in chemistry.

Spyros Magliveras

He served as department chairman from 2004-2009. Has over 70 published articles in Combinatorial Designs and Cryptography, two patents, and over four million dollars in funded grants. 23 Ph.D. students: 16 at FAU and 7 in Nebraska. He was awarded the Euler Medal by the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications in 2001.

Rohan Mills

Rohan Mills is always professional and always positive, Rohan exemplifies Executive Education’s brand of excellent student service. His experience, understanding of students as professionals, and in-depth knowledge of what it takes for working professionals to succeed academically made him the ideal coordinator to serve students in the inaugural cohort of the Executive Ph.D. in Business—the highest degree our programs offer. In addition to Rohan’s unparalleled customer service “with a smile,” his leadership and wisdom have earned him high respect among students, alumni, faculty and his peers. Perhaps what should be noted in this recognition are the day-to-day actions that have culminated into Rohan’s 20 years of loyal service: 20 years of smiles, 20 years of investment in students who are now alumni and successful business leaders, 20 years of discovering innovative ways to better serve FAU’s business community, 20 years of dedicated commitment to FAU Executive Education, and 20 years of being a thoughtful colleague, inspiring mentor and wonderful friend.

Jon Moore

Dr. Jon Moore’s long-time service to the FAU and its Wilkes Honors College is unparalleled. He is a marine biologist and oceanographer who specializes in deep-sea fishes, who earned his Ph.D. in Biology from Yale University. Holding the rank of Professor in the Honors College, Dr. Moore is also affiliated with FAU’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Added to his prominent research in marine biology, he conducts productive work in terrestrial ecosystems, evident particularly his long-term study of local gopher tortoise populations. Dr. Moore routinely supervises an extraordinarily large number of students in research for their undergraduate and graduate theses. In addition to this valuable service to FAU students Dr. Moore has served FAU on numerous committees and has received awards for teaching, research, and community service.

Ashley Morgan

Ashley, Thank you for all you do for the College of Science. You are an excellent employee and we are lucky to have you!

Scott Muldoon

Scott is an essential employee of OIT’s Northern Technology Services (NTS), where he is in charge of supporting the NTS instructional computer labs, as well as assisting the College of Science faculty and staff with their technical needs. Scott has an engineering background, which has been helpful troubleshooting and resolving many complex technical issues. This past year Scott helped set up two new teaching labs for the College of Science, which will help the College advance its instructional programs at the Jupiter campus. His resourcefulness is an asset to our unit and to the University. He has an ability to find unique and innovative solutions to our clients’ problems.

Wairimu Njambi

Wairimũ Njambi is Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Sociology at the Wilkes Honors College of FAU. Her Ph.D. is in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from Virginia Tech. Her interdisciplinary research and teaching areas include STS, feminist theory, women and gender studies, queer studies, critical race studies, and more. Dr. Njambi has published in numerous journals, most notably Feminist Theory, Australian Feminist Studies, NWSA, Critical Sociology, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Social Dynamics: A Journal of African Studies, among others. Much of her scholarship focuses on social and cultural practices of Gĩkũyũ women in central Kenya. Her recent collaborative publications are on national parks in Kenya and on representations of Africans on film. Dr. Njambi has received multiple awards for teaching as well as for advising.

William O'Brien

Dr. William (Bill) O’Brien, Professor of Environmental Studies and Chair of Mathematics & Sciences at the Wilkes Honors College of FAU, is a geographer by training. He is the author of Landscapes of Exclusion: State Parks and Jim Crow in the American South (University of Massachusetts Press & Library of American Landscape History, 2016), which won the 2017 John Brinckerhoff Jackson Book Prize from the Foundation for Landscape Studies and the 2017 Leadership in History Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History. Dr. O’Brien enjoys co-teaching, publishing, and presenting at conferences with his wife and partner, Dr. Wairimu Njambi. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Tony Parrish

The Division of Research at FAU would like to send its heartfelt congratulations to Tony in celebration of his 20-year work anniversary!  So many of those years have been alongside our division, providing excellent IT and Operations-related service with kindness and collegiality. Tony works with one ultimate goal in mind – to help create the best possible working environment for his colleagues. Tony is a valuable member of the Division of Research family, and we appreciate his time, talents, and temperament! In the last year, Tony joined OIT. Thank you, Tony for your dedication and all your hard work!

Keith Platt

Dr. Keith Platt has served in various capacities during this 20 years in the School of Social Work. Given his extensive practice experience, Dr. Platt served as a field faculty member in our School for many years, working with local agencies to identify high-quality internships for our BSW and MSW students. He supported our students in their learning and growth in the signature pedagogy of social work education - field practicums. When our Doctor of Social Work program was launced in 2016, the first DSW program in the state of Florida, Dr. Platt immediately took an active role in the program, teaching three courses in the program, aiding in the development of clinical scholars in the field of social work practice, adminstration and education. 

Leah Plocharczyk

As Director of the MacArthur Campus Library, Leah oversees all Jupiter Campus Library operations and services and is a valued member of the FAU Libraries’ Senior Leadership Team. Leah is recognized by her colleagues and the profession for her leadership and vision. She was a recipient of the 2019-2020 American Library Association (ALA) “I Love My Librarian Award” which recognizes the accomplishments of exceptional librarians. This prestigious award was in recognition for her many achievements including her significant library outreach projects at the community, national, and international level. Leah has also served as a mentor in the FAU Connections Mentoring Program.

Howard Prentice

Dr. Howard Prentice joined the Biomedical Science Dept at FAU when first established and played a key role in its growth into the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in 2010. As a key member of numerous search committees, he contributed to the recruitment of many exceptional colleagues. He has profoundly contributed to the development and evolution of both the medical and graduate education programs. Dr. Prentice is a passionate and inspiring researcher and teacher. His collaborative nature and high productivity is evident by his publication and grant funding records.  He has mentored many trainees who have gone on to become successful scientists and physicians. Over the years, Dr. Prentice has served vital roles including the Chair of the P&T Committee for the College. Thank you for your service Dr. Prentice.

Denise Prescott

Denise Prescott coordinates budget and personnel activities for faculty and staff in the ESE Department. She is reliable, consistent, skillful, and most important – patient with her department Chair! Denise has a calming effect on the 4th floor, and holds a high professional standard for the Dept and College. We are so glad you are part of ESE! We are better because you are here!

James Riordan

For his entire academic career, Jim Riordan has assisted students in entering the world of sports in significant managerial roles. He built FAU Sport Management into a program that has received national and world renown. Along the way, Jim has done a great deal to increase the visibility and value of FAU athletics in many service and volunteer roles - and always been a true sportsman and great colleague. Jim shows great passion for FAU, for sports, for learning and for his students, a winning combination for success.

Rene Sanon

Rene is a valuable member of the OIT User Services team. In this capacity, he is responsible for the day-to-day management of the FAU Data Center as well as ensuring scheduled systems jobs run smoothly. Rene’s commitment to FAU and OIT is noteworthy. He is truly customer focused. He is always willing to go well beyond the call of duty. In the next few months, Rene will be retiring from FAU. As he starts this new chapter, we want to wish him the best of luck and thank him for his dedicated service.

Rhonda Seiman

We sincerely appreciate Dr. Seiman's dedication and service to CAPS and FAU's students over the past two decades.

Diane Sherman

We sincerely appreciate Dr. Seiman's dedication and service to CAPS and FAU's students over the past two decades.

Diane Sherman

Dr. Diane Sherman has truly been a leader in the Sandler School of Social Work. For the past several years, she has been instrumental in the School, College and University promotion and tenure procedures. Within our School, she mentors junior faculty in establishing themselves as experts in their field of study and developing a research agenda that promotes the goals of the School, College and University. During her 20 years at FAU, she has been instrumental in the development and growth of our Masters of Social Work program, as well as our Doctor of Social Work program, which was the first in the state of Florida in 2016.

Christine Smith

“Christine has developed into a successful leader and role model for her staff and the university community. She excels in fostering a creative atmosphere within not only her Recruitment and Workforce Administration teams, but with all colleagues which creates the best outcomes for our customers. Christine takes great pride in doing what is right versus taking the easy way out. Her follow-through to ensure the successful completion of multiple projects is unparalleled, ensuring that the university is successful in its mission.”

Christopher Strain

For these past two decades, Dr. Christopher Strain has been a highly valued and productive member of the Wilkes Honors College community at FAU. He earned a Ph.D. in History from the University of California at Berkeley and is a prolific scholar of American Studies, focusing much of his work on the history of the civil rights movement. Now at the rank of Professor, Dr. Strain is the author of four books so far and numerous additional publications. He is a talented teacher and mentor, fostering the college’s emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and facilitating student success. He has served the institution tirelessly and in numerous capacities, including as chair of the Honors College promotion and tenure committee, presiding officer of its faculty assembly, and most recently as its Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Nathaniel Thomas

Nate is a very well-known member of the Boca AV Services team. He has assisted faculty, staff, and students for 20 years. His high energy and commitment to helping people with technology in their classes and at events are outstanding. He is a very valued member of OIT, where he is a team player, and always working diligently to perform the best that he can. Thank you, Nate, for being part of our team, and for all your hard work over these many years. We are very fortunate to have you.

Gregory Topple

Greg is a dedicated and diligent employee. He is very service oriented and both anticipates and solves problems for the college. He's a great leader to his team and has done an especially good job as we absorbed two technology heavy units into the college.

Robert Vitale

As OIT’s Northern Technology Services (NTS) system administrator for the Jupiter campus, Rob was instrumental in getting the first cold server room at the campus, which now hosts the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the Scripps equipment. Through the years, Rob’s responsibilities have extended to helping OIT’s Systems group in Boca with different projects, as well as assisting HBOI in modernizing its aging infrastructure. Rob is a dedicated and highly skilled individual. He has a great positive attitude, and he is always willing to assist and to participate in activities well beyond the call of duty and outside the work schedule. We are fortunate to have Rob as part of our OIT team. When asked about the highlight of his career, Rob responded it was the colleagues he has met along the way and all the opportunities he has been given.

Patricia Willems

Dr. Willems has served the Davie campus with her leadership, as well as students in the Educational Psychology program.

Christopher Wong

Chris Wong, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems, is a valuable member of the OIT family. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and solutions oriented. Chris consistently demonstrates strong mentorship, and he is exceptionally well respected by his team and colleagues alike. Chris has done a superb job of shifting his team to a more user-centric philosophy. He has delivered on several key projects benefiting students and faculty members including, but not limited to, the document management system, the deployment of SharePoint, and the expansion of backup and recovery systems. Congratulations on achieving this milestone, Chris!

15 Years
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