Funding Opportunities


Halo is a technology platform where researchers connect directly with companies for research collaborations and funding opportunities. Researchers submit simple, standardized proposals in various areas of interest. Companies review the proposals and reach out directly to learn more or provide feedback.


Inospin is a partnering network for scientific innovations. Focus areas include pharma and biotech, veterinary, crop science and agriculture, food and beverages, medtech, consumer care and cosmetics, chemistry, material sciences, information technology and engineering. Researchers use the platform to find partners among more than 50,000 industry professionals in innovation driven companies with active external R&D programs.


In-Part is a matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration. Participation in In-Part campaigns provides researchers with introductions to companies and invitations to collaborate on projects and commercialize technology. Submissions may feature research projects, individual researchers, specific technologies, spinout companies or centers of excellence.

Leading Edge Only

Leading Edge Only is a global innovation platform that matches businesses with researchers in over 120 countries. Challenges are promoted to researchers, universities and other organizations that apply to showcase their solutions. All applications are screened, scored and ranked based on the specific criteria of the business.


NineSights is an innovation platform that features corporate technology and innovation challenges. Researchers can search for funding opportunities by client or theme and respond with a short non-confidential summary describing their expertise, capabilities and technology. If a corporate client is interested in having additional discussions an introduction is arranged.

TechConnect Ventures

TechConnect Ventures provides advanced technology prospecting and commercialization programs to advance innovation partnerships within its global network. Each year thousands of emerging technologies are prospected, vetted, and connected to industry and government clients. Researches are eligible to apply to open innovation programs, competitions, pitch events and more.