FAU Postdoctoral Association

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Mission statement

The mission of the FAU PDA is to address the needs and concerns of the postdoctoral community across FAU’s six campuses. We aim to enhance the postdoctoral experience by supporting their professional and personal goals and advocating for constructive policies that affect the lives of postdocs and their families.


  • We support the professional research training and career development of FAU postdocs by encouraging and providing opportunities for networking and career advice.
  • We provide postdocs with representation and contact between them and the university’s administration with the goal of advocating for policies that continue to grow the postdoctoral community.
  • We aim to build a community of postdocs by promoting interactions between postdocs on academic, social, cultural, and political issues.

The FAU Postdoctoral Association
2023-2024 Board

Debarshi Datta (College of Nursing) President ddatta2014@health.fau.edu
Sean Paz (College of Medicine) Vice-President spaz@health.fau.edu
TBD Communications Officer  
David Cinalli (I-BRAIN) Campus Rep - Jupiter dcinalli2013@fau.edu
Siddhesh Tirodkar (HBOI) Campus Rep - HBOI stirodkar@fau.edu

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues or suggestions on how we can help advance your postdoc experience at FAU!