Visual Compliance

Florida Atlantic University uses a web-based service called Visual Compliance to assess whether a particular university-supported activity will be affected by export control regulations. Through the use of Visual Compliance's screening tools, members of FAU's community are able to perform screenings that are useful for a variety of compliance functions, some of which include:

  • Technology classifications on the Department of State's ITAR-U.S. Munitions List
  • Technology classifications on the Department of Commerce's EAR-Commerce Control List
  • Restricted Party Screenings (RPS)
  • License determinations, exemptions, and exceptions
  • Country specific export control regulation assessments

All members of FAU's community have the ability to register with and use the platform's screening tools. Visual Compliance offers training on how to properly utilize its product, however you may contact FAU's Export Control Officer if additional assistance is required.


Export Control Modules

In addition to project specific trainings, FAU requires all faculty participating in research to undergo periodic compliance trainings. As part of its export control compliance program, FAU uses CITI, a web-based service that offers trainings for a variety of export control related activities. The following steps outline how FAU's faculty and staff can access CITl's export control training modules:

  1. Go to
  2. As a new user, you will need to click “register here” to register for the training course
  3. Select "Florida Atlantic University" from the Participating Institutions and click submit
  4. Create a unique username and password and click "submit"
  5. Enter your personal information (first name, last name, e-mail) and click submit
  6. Continue entering additional information (gender, degree, etc.) and click submit
  7. Select the export control training course
  8. You will have the opportunity to save/print a Training Certificate upon completion of the training course and exam. You are advised to print this certificate and keep an original for your records

NOTE: All CITI course offerings are on a three-year renewal cycle. This means that a refresher course will be due three years after you first complete a course. CITI will send you emails to remind you when a refresher course is due. It is important to adjust your email privacy settings so that you can receive these important emails.