Reverse Transfer

What is "Reverse Transfer"?

The Reverse Transfer process allows students who attended a Florida Public College (FPC) and transferred to FAU prior to earning their Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree to have that degree awarded by the former FPC. The Reverse Transfer process permits the combination of credits earned at FAU and the previously earned credits from the prior FPC to be used towards the A.A. degree.

What are the requirements for the A.A. degree?

  • Earn a minimum of 60 credits in academic courses acceptable toward the degree with at least a cumulative 2.0 FAU GPA.
  • Complete the  Intellectual Foundations Program  (General Education) requirements.
  • Satisfy the Writing Across Curriculum (Gordon Rule) and Gordon Rule Computation Skills requirements.
  • Meet the  Foreign Language Entrance Requirement (FLENT).
  • Complete the Florida Civic Literacy Requirement (for students who initially entered a Florida college system institution or a state university in fall 2018 and thereafter).

How will I know that I have completed the requirements for the A.A. degree?

After each semester has ended, the Registrar’s Office will automatically review records to determine if students have completed the requirements for the A.A. degree. If a student has completed more than 30 credits from one FPC, the Registrar’s Office will notify students of their eligibility for Reverse Transfer. The email notification will be sent approximately six weeks after the semester has ended. This email will specify the next steps that the student must take to have FAU send transcript data to the prior FPC.

I'm pursuing my bachelor's degree, so why would I want an A.A. Degree?

There are a number of benefits to having earned the A.A. degree which includes:

  • Gain an academic credential which you can add to your resume.
  • Potentially increase your earning power.
  • Documents the work you’ve completed just in case your pursuit of your bachelor’s degree is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on the awarding of an Associate of Arts degree, please click here .