Request Late Add

Once the Drop/Add period has passed for a particular semester and/or mini-term, students may only add a course through the submission of a Late Add form.

Before requesting the late add, please keep in mind the following:

  • Check with your academic advisor before requesting the late add. You want to make sure that there are no issues with you adding this course.
  • Run a DARS report to ensure the course is applicable to your major. This is important for financial aid consideration.
  • If this is your first enrollment for the semester, adding a course after the drop/add period is considered a late registration and is subject to the late registration fee.
  • Permission to add a course late does not waive the late payment fee.
  • If you are on financial aid, you are responsible for notifying the Office of Financial Aid regarding any changes to your schedule.

The request for Late Add would first be submitted to the instructor of the course. If the instructor approves you to be added late, he/she would forward your request for further review. You would not attend class until you verify that your registration in the course has been processed.

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