Request for Auditors

Auditors are students who wish to attend a course without receiving college credit. Audited courses appear on the student's transcript with a notation of AU. Audited courses are assessed regular tuition and fees. Please note that not all courses are eligible to be audited.

Auditors must complete the Request for Audit (Change of Grade Mode) form to audit a course. This form is to be completed only after the student has successfully registered for the course. Degree-seeking students should check with their college to determine if there are limits on auditing courses.

All students wishing to audit a course must obtain approval from the course instructor on the Request for Audit (Change of Grade Mode) form. Degree-seeking students must also obtain the permission from their academic advisor.

The request to change a course to audit status must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the end of the drop/add period associated with the semester or mini-term to which the course is affiliated. The end of the drop/add periods can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Once a course registration has been changed to the audit mode, it cannot be changed back to regular (or S/U) grading.

This form is not to be used for students participating in the 60+ Audit Program. For students who are 60 years of age or older, more information on this program is available HERE.

Complete the  Request for Audit (Change of Grade Mode) form.