FAU Kicks off First Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign in 20 Years

campaign launch

From left, Steve Schmidt, FAU Foundation Board chair; FAU President John Kelly; Stacy Volnick, Ph.D., chief operating officer and vice president of administrative affairs at FAU; Brad Levine, chair of FAU’s Board of Trustees, and Chris Delisio, FAU’s vice president for institutional advancement and CEO of the FAU Foundation, announce "Transcend Tomorrow: The Campaign for Florida Atlantic University,” a bold and ambitious plan to raise $600 million for FAU.

By kristine gobbo | 12/7/2022

Florida Atlantic University recently kicked off the public phase of its first comprehensive campaign in more than 20 years. “Transcend Tomorrow: The Campaign for Florida Atlantic University” is a bold and ambitious plan to raise $600 million for FAU, and will focus on three fundraising priorities: FAU Health, the environment, and scholarship/student success.

Founded more than 60 years ago, FAU has a tradition of generous philanthropic support for its students, faculty and staff from community members, corporations, foundations and alumni. This event was an opportunity to recognize and celebrate FAU’s legacy of philanthropy and community collaboration, as well as to imagine the possibilities for tomorrow.

“Private support has played an important role in the genesis, development and growth of FAU,” said Chris Delisio, vice president of institutional advancement and CEO of the FAU Foundation, Inc. “‘Transcend Tomorrow’ provides us with an opportunity to focus our fundraising priorities as we plan and prepare for the needs of the future.”

With the announcement of “Transcend Tomorrow: The Campaign for Florida Atlantic University” also came the reveal of the campaign’s fundraising priorities which are:

  • FAU Health: This collaborative endeavor brings together several of the University’s health, research and social science programs to create a dynamic and formidable force to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.
  • Environment: Sustaining human health and well-being is critically dependent on the surrounding environment, and the quality of the environment is increasingly reliant on how well it is managed. In addition to human health, the natural environment also impacts South Florida’s economy. Understanding and addressing environmental issues are essential for maintaining the area’s natural and economic ecosystems. By focusing on this initiative, FAU can expand its public outreach, course offerings and intensive research programs as they relate to the environment.  
  • Scholarship/Student Success: FAU has eliminated the traditional equity gaps between Pell-eligible, first-generation, African American and Hispanic students; thus, making it a leader in student success for all. The University also recently doubled its four-year graduation rate with zero equity gaps based on race, income or first-generation status. To build on that success, FAU’s campaign is looking to expand access and opportunities for students to thrive and succeed.

“Since 2014, Florida Atlantic has established a track record of relentless growth and expansion,” said FAU President John Kelly. “That growth includes doubling research expenditures, enrolling an all-time high number of National Merit Scholars, increasing graduation and academic progress rates, raising the profile of FAU’s athletic program, and being ranked among the nation’s top public universities by ‘U.S. News & World Report.’ ‘Transcend Tomorrow’ enables FAU to build on that foundation and take the University to the next level of success.”

During the quiet phase of “Transcend Tomorrow,” more than 42,000 donors made gifts to FAU totaling more than $400 million. Approximately 400 of those philanthropic investors donated $100,000 or more to FAU, or have an endowed fund with FAU, and were invited to the campaign unveiling. Among those donors in attendance, 12 have made transformational leadership gifts to the campaign of $5 million or more. The event also focused on the overall impact of all philanthropy to-date.

“’Transcend Tomorrow’ is an opportunity for FAU to fuel its growth and fulfill its potential as a university that solves future challenges today,” said Stacy Volnick, chief operating officer and vice president, administrative affairs. “Our goal is ambitious; however, FAU has a tradition of tremendous community support. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the research lab, private funding enables our students, faculty and staff to think bigger, be bolder and do more.”

For more information about “Transcend Tomorrow: The Campaign for Florida Atlantic University,” visit fauf.fau.edu/TranscendTomorrow. For B-roll and photos of the event, visit http://Pubweb.fau.edu/media/FAUCampaignLaunch.