FAU Jupiter’s LLS Announces Spring Course Schedule

Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society Jupiter has announced its course offerings for the spring semester, which begins Wednesday, March 15.

By na | 2/20/2017

Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society Jupiter has announced its course offerings for the spring semester, which begins Wednesday, March 15.

Taught by FAU professors and distinguished guest lecturers, course offerings include such varied subjects as foreign policy, political science, film, music, art history and literature. The Lifelong Learning Society was established to provide adults of all ages the opportunity to enrich their lives through non-credit, university-level courses with no homework or tests.
Spring one-time lectures and courses take place in the Lifelong Learning Society complex at FAU’s John D. MacArthur Campus, 5353 Parkside Dr., in Jupiter, and include:

• “Hollywood’s Vision of War,” presented by Burt Atkins, Ph.D., an adjunct professor at FAU. This four-week course will examine the themes of history, politics and human nature by using clips from movies that illustrate how directors and writers have used film as a medium for conveying ideas about war and human conflict.
• “Philosophy of Medicine,” taught by Ashley Kennedy, Ph.D., a biomedical ethicist who holds appointments at FAU’s Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College and Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine. This four-week course will explore the relationship between science and ethics within the practice of medicine by analyzing academic work by both physicians and philosophers and using this work to understand the current western medical paradigm.
• “The Works and Women of Charles Dickens,” presented by Matt Klauza, Ph.D., an English and literature professor at Palm Beach State College. This one-time will lecture will examine the life of Dickens and its impact on his writing. Specifically, it looks to the women in his life and how they shaped the man who would become the most popular man in England.
• “Non-Violent Power in Action” taught by Doug McGetchin, Ph.D., an associate professor of history at FAU. This one-time lecture explains the effectiveness of non-violent resistance by examining multiple cases of nonviolence struggle with the aim of understanding the principles that led to their success.
• “Why Can’t We Eat the Cat? The Ethical Case for Veganism or Why Eating Animals May Not Only be Bad for Your Health, but Also Immoral,” taught by Jeffrey Nall, Ph.D., a master instructor of philosophy at Indian River State College. In this one-time lecture, Nall introduces both common and philosophical arguments for and against the right of animals to be protected from human consumption. He focuses in particular on ethical considerations of human entitlement to use animals for food.
• “Your Novel: Getting Started,” taught by Daphne Nikolopoulos, the author of “The Sarah Weston Chronicles” archaeological thriller series and editorial director of Palm Beach Media Group. This six-week course will give aspiring writers the tools to get started on a long-form work such as a novel, short story or memoir. It is particularly geared toward fiction and narrative nonfiction.

For more information about the Lifelong Learning Society or to receive a course catalog, call 561-799-8547.