Dr. Catherine Trivigno

Instructor of Biology

Catherine Trivigno

My main research interests focus on how regulation of gene expression contributes to processes important for development, metabolism, and aging, as well as exploring how changes in gene expression contribute to diseases such as mitochondrial disorders, neurological diseases, and cancer. Recently, I’ve also become interested in modeling the folding and stability of small RNAs to help design molecules that may be useful in the development of new diagnostic or therapeutic strategies.

My courses include first-year classes, such as Biological Principles and Biodiversity, as well as upper-level courses, including Cell Biology, Genes and Development, and Neuroscience Research. I’m fortunate to be part of a supportive environment that offers our talented students many unique opportunities for research, professional development, and personal growth.

My favorite pastimes include taking a stroll through the Morikami Gardens on a beautiful South Florida day or enjoying an outdoor concert. I also enjoy gardening, hiking, reading, baking, and fencing.

Contact: 561-880-4625; trivigno@fau.edu

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