Tim Luczak

Admissions Counselor

Tim Luczak

As an admissions counselor, my job is to go around and let people know of the fantastic opportunities students have available at the Wilkes Honors College. I work specifically with the students and high schools in Palm Beach county, as well as the Midwest USA.

What I think is so special about the Wilkes Honors College is the level of preparation and attention the students receive that sets them apart from students all over the country. They are conducting research and becoming published as undergraduates, which makes it humbling to be among them.

When I am not working, I like to enjoy my free time watching movies, walking on the beach, and singing along with the radio on my drives around town. I can also be found watching a theatrical production, or entertaining my friends from my home-state of Indiana.

Contact: tluczak@fau.edu