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Our vision of Ocean Science for a Better World® would not be possible without the generous support of our philanthropic partners. For fifty years, we have collaborated in the spirit of ocean exploration and discovery.

Our Philanthropic Priorities

FAU Harbor Branch Executive Director’s Fund

Unrestricted gifts to the FAU Harbor Branch Executive Director’s Fund are particularly powerful tools in addressing the most urgent priorities of the Institute and our oceans. Your investment supports vital needs ranging from seed funding for research projects and technology upgrades to emergency student support.

Marine Ecosystem Conservation

Intimately understanding the function of fragile ecosystems along the coast and in the ocean has remained one of our lead research priorities since the inception of FAU Harbor Branch.

Ocean Health: Human Health

Our scientists combine years of expertise to better understand how ocean health impacts human health and discover and safeguard potential medicines in marine ecosystems such as coral reefs.

Aquaculture Innovation and Food Security

We are working on the aquaculture research and technological advances needed to sustainably produce safe, high-quality seafood and help meet the expected doubling in global demand for food.

Technological Innovation and National Defense

Engineering advanced technology is the overarching solution for gaining a better understanding of our coastal and ocean environments, and it is key to providing enhanced security for all Floridians and United States citizens.


We are dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of the oceans and their impact on our lives in order to educate the next generation of marine scientists and ocean stewards.


Our Mission: Ocean Discovery outreach programs provide a platform for public audiences to connect with experts at FAU Harbor Branch. Such efforts play a critical role in increasing the presence, accessibility and value of science, which can ultimately lead to a well-educated population, improve environmental stewardship and inspire future researchers.

For more information on funding opportunities, contact:

Amanda Nickeson, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement, at or 412-296-1852.

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Thank you for your generous support of FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Your partnership in our vision of Ocean Science for a Better World® drives forward crucial research, education, infrastructure and outreach. 

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and support.
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Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is a world-class research organization with a focus on exploring the marine environments, studying key species and understanding the connection between humans and the ocean. Founded in 1971 as Harbor Branch Oceanographic Foundation, Inc., the Institute expanded its reach to over 100 miles along Florida’s east coast when it joined Florida Atlantic University in 2007. Located in St. Lucie County, our 144-acre campus along the Indian River Lagoon employs over 200 scientists, engineers, educators, staff and students. To this day, the Institute actively pursues solution-oriented research that addresses some of the most critical issues affecting coastal zones, oceans and human well-being.
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