Please review the Contracts FAQ for information about processing contracts.


Supplemental Addenda

A Supplemental Addendum should be attached to all agreements for goods and services received from vendors.  Please review the below list to determine which Addenda you should attach to each agreement.  If you have any questions, please contact this Office for assistance. 

General Addenda
  • General (Can be attached to any Vendor agreement. If you are unsure which addenda to use, use this one).
  • Basic General (Can be attached to any moderate- to low-risk Vendor agreement).
  • Critical Terms (This Addenda contains the minimum terms FAU includes in all Vendor agreements. Can be attached to any low-risk Vendor agreement).
  • General - Zero Dollar (To be used for all Vendor agreements in which FAU is receiving a good/service but is not making any payment to the Vendor). 
  • General - Agreement with Another Florida Public Entity (To be used for any agreement in which the other party is also public entity of the State of Florida). 
  • FAU's Provision of Goods & Services (To be used for any agreement in which FAU is providing the goods and/or services, and the other party is paying FAU). 
  • General - FAU Lab Schools (To be used by FAU's Lab Schools for all Vendor agreements in which the Lab School is receiving a good/service). 
Specific Contract-Type Addenda
Secondary Addenda. Use these as needed, in addition to a Supplemental Addendum from above

Contract Templates

Please utilize one of the below templates as may be required.  Please remember that ALL contracts must be submitted to this Office for review and approval prior to execution by an authorized University official, including those templates provided below.  Sufficient time must be allowed so that proper review and document execution can be accomplished prior to the commencement of the contemplated activities and expiration of deadlines. Contract documents must be reviewed by the individual who submits them to ensure that their content accurately reflects the agreed upon operational/business terms.  Submitting copies of prior contracts with the same vendor, if any exist, will serve to expedite the review and negotiation process and should be submitted in conjunction whenever possible. See the Contracts section of the FAQ of this website for more information on processing contracts.  Additionally, due to the specialized and complex nature of transactions related to medical education and the delivery of patient care, please contact Audra Lazarus directly for assistance with those contracts.

Confidentiality Agreements

Amendments & Renewal Templates

FAU's Standard Terms & Conditions (PO Terms)