Multimedia Studies (Film, Video & New Media) AES

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (Film, Video and New Media) is an extensive curriculum that prepares students for a wide range of endeavors. Courses in critical studies explore film, television, digital and social media in their historical, social, cultural, and political contexts. They impart abilities in analysis, critical thinking, and effective expression that all employers value. That intellectual foundation complements our production courses in which our majors develop the requisite skills for careers in the creative sector. In our production labs, students learn how to work independently and as part of a productive group.

Our multifaceted faculty engage in the study and practice of multiple media platforms, including film, television, video, digital media, and other emerging technologies. Students will be exposed to fiction and documentary formats, narrative and experimental methods, live-action and animation production, interactive media, gaming, and extended reality forms (XR, including virtual-, augmented-, and mixed reality).

This balanced approach ensures that our majors attain a rich understanding of how visual and sound media are constructed, understood, and disseminated. Our goal is to help the undergraduate student grasp an array of media within broad contexts of human expression, and to shape them into sophisticated readers and producers of all media. Courses often consider mainstream, industrial, artistic, and avant-garde traditions, linking history and theory to aesthetic design and technical applications.

Related Major Skills

Critical thinking from enriching perspectives
Awareness of media effects, cultural messages, and human diversity
Analytical and descriptive writing
Ability to evaluate ideas and sources for research
Processing and persuasive presentation of information
Conceptualizing and developing media projects
Familiarity and proficiency with production equipment and software
Capture, design, and editing for image and sound
Attention to detail
Ability to work individually and collaboratively
Organizational, planning, and management skills

Sample Work Settings

Industry Production & Entertainment Studios
Independent Production & Entertainment Studios
Television Broadcasting Studios
Radio Broadcasting Studios
Photography Studios
News & Information Media Companies
Newspapers & Magazines
Publishing Companies
Public Relation, Marketing & Advertising Firms
Visual & Performing Arts Theaters & Galleries
Non-profit Agencies
Higher Education (College & University)
Public & Charter Schools
Professional Sports Teams
Software & Technology Companies
Communication & Cable Companies
Web & Graphic Design Companies

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