Biological Sciences

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Biological sciences is a study of the origin, development, anatomy, function, distribution, and other basic principles of living organisms. The field of Biological sciences helps increase our understanding about the natural world and addresses issues of personal wellbeing and worldwide concern, such as environmental depletion, threats to human health, and maintaining viable and abundant food supplies.

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Related Major Skills

Analytical & quantitative abilities
Biology theory & practical knowledge
Curiosity and creativity
Documenting/recording information
Information handling & organization
Innovative talents
Interaction with computers
Numerical computation
Operate scientific equipment
Oral & written communication
Problem solving
Statistical awareness
Technical skills



Sample Work Settings

Agricultural Firms - Research
Atomic Energy Commission
Bureau of Land Management
Center for Disease Control
Chemical, Drug, and Allied Product Firms
Colleges or Universities
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Department of Commerce
Department of Health and Human Services
Environmental Consulting Firms
Food Product Firms
Forestry Centers
Landscaping Company
Medical Laboratories
Medical Schools
Natural History Museums
Parks and Recreation Department
Pet Stores
Pharmaceutical Firms/Co.
Public Health Departments
Research Organizations
State & National Parks
Wastewater TIX Facilities
Wildlife Preserves
Zoological/Botanical Gardens