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Mary Louis

Thursday, Jun 01, 2023
Mary Louis

Public Health | Class of 2023

Mary Louis is a senior at FAU who plans on graduating in the fall of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in public health and a Minor in Health Administration. Mary is currently a part of the Medi Futures and Anime Club and recently took part in the pre-health week held on the Boca Raton campus. Besides school, Mary is working on her Notary Republic and Real Estate certification.

Mary is passionate about becoming an Occupational Therapist and fell in love with the activities and duties of an Occupational Therapist and the ability to help children in creative ways. She plans to specialize in pediatrics and work with special needs children. She chose to study Public Health with a minor in Health Administration because it gives her a broader career outlook and options for getting a job after she graduates.

When Mary was a little girl, she dreamed of attending college. Growing up, she often pushed herself to do her best, and in doing so, developed a thirst for education. It was her goal to take advantage of a higher education opportunity that her parents did not have - to discover a fulfilling career that she would love.

Mary attended Broward College, attaining an associate degree in health science, and transferred to FAU in 2022. She chose FAU because she was motivated by other family members that have attended this institution and have had remarkable success. She came across the Johnson First Generation Transfer Scholarship on FAU’s website, and it has helped her with her school related expenses immensely. Before being awarded the scholarship, she considered dropping out of school because it became a financial burden. But this opportunity reminded her that she could always find a way to make it through the toughest of times. In this case, it assisted her financially to continue with school. After Mary graduates, she plans to move to Tallahassee to attend FAMU to be in their Occupational Therapy program and find an administrative/public health job.

Mary describes herself as adventurous, friendly, helpful, and courageous. She is someone who loves cooking pasta, watching anime, and playing games. You may find Mary at the gym, painting or running her Etsy business selling outfits and bracelets for maternity photoshoots. She enjoys school because she knows that "she is doing something to become someone she wants to be." While on campus, she enjoys meeting different people, participating in various activities, and taking advantage of the many resources the school has to offer, such as connecting with a mentor. To stay focused during school, she tries to stay organized and create a schedule by using a notebook to keep track of her tasks.

Mary advises other students to "keep pushing; you got this, and consistently try to find a way." She wants students to understand that things can get challenging, but staying focused and looking for resources and help when needed is essential.