Architecture Registration Exam 5.0 Preparation Workshops

Now that you have completed (or almost completed) your architecture degree and you are working for a licensed architect (or looking to work for one) you are also probably wondering how you are going to get through the seven sections of the ARE. Well, we are here to help! We are the Institute for Design and Construction and we are housed under the School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University.

Potential participants should first examine the  NCARB ARE website . This will give more information on the process of taking the ARE. In order to get the most out of these workshops, participants should be enrolled in the  IDP Program . According to the IDP website, in the State of Florida, candidates can be eligible to take the ARE after they have completed the required educational degree, 235 training units, and  authorization to test with NCARB .

While the IDaC ARE workshops are open to current architecture students we suggest that participants have completed a large percentage of their coursework including all Environmental Technology, Materials and Methods, and Structures Coursework. This will ensure that participants will maximize their time in these workshops and be at or near the level of those eligible for the exam. In order to ensure a quality experience for everyone, classes will be limited to 25 people per course.

The goal of each individual workshop will be to familiarize candidates with the appropriate range of material that will be tested as well as the depth of knowledge that is reasonably required. Each workshop participant will become familiar with the types of questions asked on the exam and will learn strategies to help them answer the questions to the best of their knowledge. Exam candidates will study and review the types of graphics problems that are posed on the exam and will learn the appropriate problem solving steps and techniques in order to achieve an acceptable design solution.

It is the suggestion of the ARE instructor that you work out a timeline for taking the exam. Each of the six exams build on the next. Four of the six workshops are 4 sessions or 12 hours, and two of the more difficult ones are 6 sessions or 18 hours (see below). Depending on the intensity of the particular exam there will be anywhere from four to six weeks between workshops. The purpose of the time between workshops is to give participants an opportunity to do a little more self-study prior to taking the exam. The idea is to take the exams between workshops. Then the participants can continue to the next workshop. Ideally, the participant who signs up for all six workshops will complete the workshops in a little over 10 months, thereby completing all six exams in less than a year.

The following is the order of classes that is suggested by IDaC along with the proposed time frames and prices. There are two prices, the second price is for FAU Architecture Alumni AND current FAU Architecture Students ONLY.

  • Project Management  (4 Sessions/2 Weeks) $249/$199
    6 weeks
  • Practice Management  (4 Sessions/2 Weeks) $249/$199
    6 weeks
  • Programming & Analysis  (4 Sessions/2 Weeks) $249/$199
    6 weeks
  • Construction & Evaluation  (4 Sessions/2 Weeks) $249/$199
    6 weeks
  • Project Planning & Design  (6 Sessions/3 Weeks) $299/$249
    7 weeks
  • Project Development & Documentation  (6 Sessions/3 Weeks) $299/$249

*intersessions may vary depending on the schedule

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 954.762.5184.

Contact us at  for information on class and enrollment details.