Construction Management Certificate Program

Learn how to succeed in owning and operating a construction company!

Complete all five courses successfully to receive the CMCP Certificate from Florida Atlantic University's Institute for Design and Construction.

Spring 2023 Schedule

Course (click to register) Date(s)
DLC-00 Digital Literacy for Construction 1/16/2023 - 1/29/2023
CMCP1 Construction Business Management 2/8/2023 - 2/24/2023
CMCP2 Safety & Risk Management 3/15/2023 - 3/31/2023
CMCP3 Estimating & Project Management 4/12/2023 - 4/28/2023
CMCP4 Construction Financial Management 5/10/2023 - 5/26/2023
CMCP5 Strategic Planning & Marketing 6/7/2023 - 6/23/2023
CMCP6 Construction Documents 6/28/2023 - 7/14/2023
CMCP All Courses 2/8/2022 - 7/14/2023


Fall 2023 Schedule

Course (click to register) Date(s)
DLC-00 Digital Literacy for Construction 7/10/2023 - 12/31/2023
CMCP1 Construction Business Management 8/15/2023 - 8/31/2023
CMCP2 Safety & Risk Management 9/6/2023 - 9/22/2023
CMCP3 Estimating & Project Management 9/27/2023 - 10/13/2023
CMCP4 Construction Financial Management 10/18/2023 - 11/3/2023
CMCP5 Strategic Planning & Marketing 11/6/2023 - 11/28/2023
CMCP6 Construction Documents 11/29/2023 - 12/15/2023
CMCP All Courses 8/15/2023 - 12/15/2023


Spring 2024 Schedule

Course (click to register) Date(s)
CMCP1 Construction Business Management 1/3/2024 - 1/19/2024
CMCP2 Safety & Risk Management 1/24/2024 - 2/9/2024
CMCP3 Estimating & Project Management 2/14/2024 - 3/1/2024
CMCP4 Construction Financial Management 3/6/2024 - 3/22/2024
CMCP5 Strategic Planning & Marketing 4/3/2024 - 4/19/2024
CMCP6 Construction Documents 4/22/2024 - 5/10/2024
CMCP All Courses 1/3/2024 - 5/10/2024


DLC-00: Digital Literacy for Construction

Prerequisite course for the Construction Management Certificate Program (CMCP) and the Construction Administration Certificate Program (CACP). Introduction to digital literacy to promote success in these certificate programs.  (This course can be taken simultaneously with any CACP or CMCP courses).

$175 - 8 Hours, 0.8 FAU CEUs


CMCP 1 Construction Business Management

This course will address the fundamentals of human resource management, organizational behavior, quality management, and key business principles to gain an understanding of management and leadership issues. You will be introduced to legal and contractual issues such as labor laws (including Chapter 489, Workers' Compensation) and construction lien law. This course will also include topic in risk prevention, case law, transfer and control, team building skills, and productivity audits.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


CMCP 2 Safety and Risk Management

Help protect your company's employees and profits by developing an effective risk management program. By the end of this course, participants will have developed risk management strategies from risk prevention to risk transfer including insurance applications. A safety manual for a construction business will also be developed in this course.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


CMCP 3 Estimating and Project Management

This course will introduce you to construction project management which will include project description, job estimating, job planning and scheduling, the bidding process, and subcontractor coordination. You will examine field issues and problems including cost control, change orders, project completion and the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) towards job completion.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


CMCP 4 Construction Financial Management

Introduction to all levels of personnel issues, basic accounting concepts, financial statements, key financial ratios, the time value of money, and lease/buy decisions. Learn how to obtain small business loans, how to manage payroll, and how to prepare an actual budget. The course includes a review of a range of computer application programs and resources available in the construction business.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


CMCP 5 Strategic Planning & Marketing for Construction Companies

This capstone class will enable you to integrate all you have learned in CMCP emphasizing the principles of marketing and strategic management. You will learn the value of developing and maintaining short and long range plans, how to write mission and vision statements, perform internal and external audits, analyze strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses of an organization, and formulate long and short term plans. A class exercise will be conducted to teach you the techniques and tools necessary to develop an effective strategic plan for your business.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


CMCP 6 Construction Documents

This course focuses on the relationship between contract documents and the construction process, including contractual relationships and contract types. General conditions, project close-out and the superintendent's role will be studied. The submittal process will be examined to ensure that the result conforms to the design intent depicted in the construction documents. A software program, Procore, will be used to assist in managing the total project.

$322 - 14 Hours, 1.4 FAU CEUs


The CMCP Registration Fee is $100. Total Fees for all five courses plus registration are $1,710.00.

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