I.  Introduction

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview for managers and supervisors involved in the interviewing process. The resources provided here will assist hiring managers in structuring interviews that are consistent and job-related. As a University, we want to ensure that we provide hiring managers with the necessary tools that will make the hiring process successful.

It is very unlikely that a hiring manager would extend an offer to an individual whom he or she has never met. Therefore, the job interview is an integral part of the employment process. Prior to initiating a job search, it is recommended that the hiring manager perform an analysis of job requirements. Outlining job functions, duties and the requirements for successful performance is essential for selecting the most suitably qualified people to fill positions. 

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to ensure that interviews do not result in discriminatory practices. A valid interview includes only questions and topics that are job-related. By asking only job-related questions, personal bias is minimized.  It is important that interviews be conducted in a consistent manner so the same job-related information is obtained from each applicant, thereby allowing for a fair comparison. In addition to being a legal requirement, it makes good business sense to base your hiring decisions on qualifications rather than non-job-related factors.

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II.  Establishment of Qualifications VI. Interviewing Techniques
III. Reviewing Applications VII.  Structuring the Interview
IV. Scheduling the Interview VIII. Reference Checks
V.  Developing Interview Questions

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