Reclass/Update  Instructions


1.       Under “Job Descriptions” (lefthand side of screen), choose “Begin New Action”.

2.       When updating, there are four choices:

·          “Reclass/Update Position Description in the System”(Action 3),

·          “Reclass/Update Position Description in the System to Post” (Action 4),

·          “Reclass/Update a Position not in the System” (Action 5) and

·          “Reclass/Update a Position not in the System to Post” (Action 6).
To Post” actions are only for vacant positions that are to be posted to fill an employment vacancy.  Actions 5 & 6 will be taken out of PeopleAdmin once all position numbers for Florida Atlantic has been added to the PeopleAdmin system.  

3.       Choose which classification title is being used and follow the steps that the action directs. Pay special attention to those fields that have an asterisk (*). These fields are mandatory.

4.       Once completed, the request will be sent through the PeopleAdmin system to the different levels of needed approval up to Dean/Director or VP level. 

5.       The next level of approval needed outside of your college/department would be the Classification & Compensation Department of Human Resources (Action Final HR Review). It will be reviewed and if it has been done correctly and falls within FAU guidelines, it will be approved. If pay increases are included, additional approval may be needed and it may take additional time to process.

6.       The requesting department is responsible for ensuring that all required budget paperwork is completed and they will prepare a new for the incumbent (if applicable). If the position is being reclassified from an SP position to an AMP position, a Letter of Offer must be completed and submitted along with the Personnel Action Form. 

If the position description is being posted for a vacant position, the Employment Department of Human Resources will contact the requestor to discuss the recruitment process. If needed, the Employment Department can be reached at 7-3058.

All actions (Establishments, Reclassifications and Updates) with line positions SP and AMP must flow through Classification & Compensation to be processed, no exceptions.

AMP Position Description - (No longer available on paper - must use PeopleAdmin system)

SP Position Description - (No longer available on paper - must use PeopleAdmin system)



Personnel Action Form

Classification & Compensation Team

Marie Mascaro, Senior Associate Director of Human Resources
(561) 297-2401

Michael Davis, Classification & Compensation Manager
(561) 297-3026

Lessie Brown, Human Resources Representative
(561) 297-1389

Classification & Compensation Group Email
One of the Class & Comp team members will respond