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Douglas T. McGetchin
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Associate Professor, Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Scholar, 2013-14, Kolkata (Calcutta), India

Areas of Expertise
World History
Modern Europe
Modern Germany
Indian History

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Professor McGetchin specializes in the history of the transnational intersection of Modern Europe and South Asia. He teaches classes in world history, modern Germany, modern Europe, and ancient and modern South Asia. His current project examines the interconnections between three struggles for social justice.  Internationalist and anti-imperial politics in Great Britain and Germany, the Indian Independence movement, and the pan-African movement that included the Civil Rights struggle in the United States, though geographically separate, all had parallel experiments with similar challenges as well as shared a common network of anti-imperial, anti-racist activists.

His publications include Indology, Indomania, Orientalism:  Ancient India's Rebirth in Modern Germany(Madison:  Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2009), examining the historical context of Indology (the study of South Asian texts, literature, and culture) and the diffusion of this knowledge about ancient India within modern Europe, especially Germany, in the period 1790-1914.

Other publications include the edited volume, Douglas McGetchin, Peter K. J. Park, and Damodar SarDesai, eds ., Sanskrit  and " Orientalism" : Indology and Comparative Linguistics in Germany ,1750-1958   (New Delhi: Manohar, 2004), as well as several articles including "Indo-German Connections, Critical and Hermeneutical, in the First World War," The Comparatist 34 (2010):95-126, " Wilting Florists: The Turbulent Early Decades of the Société Asiatique, 1822-1860, " Journal of the History of Ideas 64 (2004) : 565-580, and " The Whitney Müller Conflict and Indo-German Connections" in Mapping Channels Between Ganges and Rhein: German-Indian Cross Cultural Relations, ed. Jörg Esleben, Christian Kraenzle  and Sukanya Kulkarni, 29-50 (Newcastle upon Tyne, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008).

Professor McGetchin has presented papers at academic conferences in North America, Europe, and India, including the German Studies Association , the World History Association, the University of California Multi Campus Research Group in World History, the international Conference of Asian Scholars ( Berlin), as well as special conferences organized at the South Asian Institute ( Heidelberg, Germany), the India International Centre ( New Delhi, India), the University of Toronto ( Canada), the University of California Los Angeles, and Harvard University. His grants include the German Academic Exchange Service ( DAAD) Annual Grant for dissertation research, which he carried out in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany. He reviews books for scholarly journals including German studies Review, German Studies Quarterly and Francia

Undergraduate Courses
  • History of Modern Germany
  • History of Modern India
  • Asia and the West (new course added to FAU catalogue)
  • Indian Civilization
  • Independence Movements in S. Asia
  • Hitler and Nazi Germany
  • The Holocaust
  • Twentieth-century Europe to WW2
  • Age of Nationalism and Reform
  • British Empire
  • World War II
  • History of Civilization 1
  • Introduction to Historical Study: Global Connections
  • Introduction to Historical Study: Weimar, Germany
  • Senior Seminar:  The Road Back:  Memory and the Great War
  • Senior Seminar:  Struggle for Independence in Colonial South Asia
  • Hitler and Gandhi

Graduate  Courses

  • Readings in World History
  • Seminars in European History: Europe in a Global Context:  Orientalism and Imperialism


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