Do you offer discounts?
Returning students from the previous semester benefit from a $25 discount if they sign up at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester. All other students benefit from a $15 discount if they sign up at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester.

Does the program issue refunds?
The program does not issue refunds after the student has attended the first class. A full refund is however issued if the class is canceled for internal reasons (e.g. class cancellation for instance).

Who can attend classes?
Anyone can attend since the Continuing Education Language Program offers non-credit classes for a fee. In other words, these classes are open to the non-FAU population as well as the FAU population.

Can minors attend the Continuing Education Language Program?
Yes they can. However their parents will need to fill out an authorization form.

Are classes taught in person?
All classes are taught in person, usually in the classrooms of the Culture and Society Building of the Boca Raton campus.

Which languages do you offer?
We currently offer French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese Calligraphy, Korean, Modern Hebrew, and Modern Standard Arabic. We are currently working on developing courses in Chinese and American Sign Language.

Do I need a parking permit?
The FAU parking policy is as follows: Between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p. m. all vehicles, except those covered in subparagraph (5)(a)(2), must park in appropriate designated lots, unless posted otherwise. After 6:00 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m. on weekdays and anytime on weekends, vehicles with valid permits may park in any lot unless posted otherwise.

Which level do I fit in?
The beginner level is open to students who have never studied the language or to students who would like to start from the basics. The intermediate level is open to students who have a basic understanding of the grammar of the language. The advanced level is open to students who have already acquired a functional vocabulary and a robust grammar and are willing to transition to conversational skills. The advanced conversation level is open to students who exhibit some level of fluency of the language and would like to maintain or expand their linguistic skills. Please contact the program director or instructor to find out which level is best suited to your current level.

Which level of Spanish do I fit in?
The easiest way to determine your level is to take our Spanish Placement test. Please follow these directions:
Go to the following website: http://webcape.byuhtrsc.org?acct=fau (Password: owls1).
Fill in your personal information (ID number: 12345678).
Take the test (20-25 minutes).
If you scored below 296, we recommend you enroll in Spanish beginner.
If you scored between 296 and 349, we recommend you enroll in Spanish intermediate.
If you scored between 350 and 440, we recommend you enroll in Spanish Advanced.
If you scored above 440, we recommend you enroll in Spanish Advanced conversation.

Do you provide certificates of course completion?
All students having attended at least 80% of classes receive a certificate of course completion.

How competent are your instructors?
All our instructors are natives with university-level credentials and several years of experience in the field.

When do your semesters take place?
Our Fall and Spring semesters usually start 4 weeks after the first day of class of the regular academic semester.

Are textbooks needed?
Some instructors do use a textbook which needs to be purchased in addition to the course registration fee, while others develop their own curriculum.