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Office of Undergraduate Admissions
777 Glades Road - SU 80
P.O. Box 3091
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991 
Phone: 561-297-3040
Fax: 561-297-2758

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Boca Raton Campus Office Hours

Mon. - Thurs. 8 AM - 6 PM

               Fri.  8 AM - 5 PM

               Sat. 9 AM - 12 PM (select saturdays throughout the fall and spring semesters only)

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Traveling and Regional Recruitment Team  

Phone Email Title
Ashley Burrough 561-297-2456 Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing
Dan Johnston  561-297-0326 Assistant Director of Regional Recruitment
MaryBeth Lockwood 561-297-2458  Interim Recruitment Communications and Marketing
Dana Zimmerman 561-297-4934 Transfer Student Coordinator
Andrea Molina 561-297-0921 Admissions Recruiter - WPB/Homeschooled Students
Brandon Shepard 561-297-2603 Admissions Recruiter - Central Florida
Laura Schmidt 561-246-8933 Admissions Recruiter - Tampa 
Alexandra Salas 561-289-5968 Admissions Recruiter - Chicago 
Laura Robitaille 561-289-0464 Regional Admissions Recruiter-New England
Caitlin Hall 561-297-4513  Admissions Recruiter - North East Florida
Chelsea Morrison 561-297-3678  Admissions Recruiter - Panhandle, SW Florida
Shannon Riley

 561-297-0332 Admissions Recruiter - Broward
Summer Hill 561-297-4880 Admissions Recruiter - Miami


Campus Visits and Events

Name Phone Email Title
MaryBeth Lockwood 561-297-2458  Assistant Director of Campus Visits and Events
Laura Starr 561-297-0960  Events and Communications Coordinator
Hector Torres 561-297-6890   In-House Admissions Recruiter 
Tyeasha Williams 561-297-2858     In-House Admissions Recruiter
Al-Rashad Ali 561-297-0287    In-House Admissions Recruiter


Executive Assistant

Phone Email Title
Enriqueta Padron 561-297-0203 Executive Assistant


Operations Team Contacts

Phone Email Title
Mary Edmunds 561-297-4361 Associate Director of Operations
Katherine Coulson 561-297-1297 Assistant Director Call Center & Mail Center
Jean Maier 561-297-2236 Admissions Officer
Kathryn Ryan 561-297-2453  Assistant Director Evaluations
Eileen Morales 561-297-6059  Coordinator/Evaluation 
Dan Alexander 561-297-4903 Coordinator/Evaluation 
Elysa Feder 561-297-6085 Senior Coordinator/Evaluation 
Anna Van Dam 561-297-2627 Asst. Dir/ Residency & International Admissions
Jennifer Zambrano 561-297-2644 Residency Coordinator


IT Team Contacts  

Name Phone Email Title
Etina Qirjo 561-297-2610 Associate Director IT
Claudette Robertson 561-297-0312   Assistant Director CRM & Telecounseling
Patricia Castaneda 561-297-1268 Computing Paraprofessional 


Partner Campus Admissions Contacts

Broward Campus Admissions Contacts

Name Phone Email Title
Stella Garcia 954-236-1012  Associate Director
Carise Crèvecoeur 954-236-1012  Assistant Director
Jeff Hadley 954-224-4283  Link Advisor
Shannon Knox 954-632-9432  Link Advisor
Prissila Aggrey 954-774-6805  Link Advisor
Ivan Agudelo 954-235-9464  Link Advisor


Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College and J.D. McArthur Campus in Jupiter Contacts

 Name Phone Email Title Admissions Area  Phone Extension Department Location
Mary Moffett 561-799-8656  Assistant Director Admissions & Enrollment Mgmt. Northern Area recruitement 6-8656 SR 139
Heather Graeve 561-799-8697  Academic Services Officer Campus Information for One Stop Shop 6-8697 SR 139
Larry Espana 561-799-8698  Academic Services Officer Campus Information for One Stop Shop 6-8698 SR 139
Elyse Greenfield 561-799-8245  Assistant Director Honors College Marketing and Enrollment Services 6-8245 SR 117
Colleen Pettit 561-297-8646  Program Assistant Honors College 6-8646 SR 121