Students in Distress




 In recent years, faculty, staff, students, medical professionals and parents have been continually contacting campus  administrators with concerns regarding students’ emotional well-being and safety. This website is designed to give  the campus community a measure of guidance and assistance in dealing with those concerns. 

 When a student is at-risk and/or in crisis, responding to the student's needs and providing appropriate referrals can  prevent an escalation of the situation and help keep everyone safe. If you observe behavior that is concerning,  please take action to get help for the student. Included below are resources that can be helpful in providing critical  assistance to students who need it. 

 For information about how the Student Crisis Awareness Committee (SCAC) & Student Intervention Team (SIT),  as well as other FAU offices and services, can help troubled students, click below:

Student Crisis Awareness Committee
Student Intervention Team
Counseling Services
Dean of Students Office
FAU Police Department
 Last Modified 11/8/16