Ethical Principles

Neutrality The Ombuds hears complaints with particular attention to all available perspectives of an issue.
Informal No official investigation is conducted, nor is formal notice received.
Independence The Ombuds is not within the chain of command and acts independently of all other offices.
Confidentiality No action is taken without the student’s permission and limited information is collected.
Justice  The Ombuds is committed to justice and fair play.
Accessibility The Ombuds is readily accessible to all students, however, this is not considered an office for the resolution of immediate crisis.



All interactions with the Office of the Ombuds are strictly confidential unless:

  • You and the Ombuds decide that speaking  with others could be useful.
  • There is an imminent threat of harm to yourself or another.
  • It is a legal requirement, such as Title IX issues or Judicial requests.

Confidentiality is discussed before you make any disclosure.