FAU College of Nursing Launches New Nursing Certificates

FAU and Cross Country Launch New Nursing Certificates

By joshua glanzer | 10/25/2023

Florida Atlantic University’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing has launched two new continuing education certificate courses designed to train health care professionals and caregivers on compassionate care of persons with dementia and nurses caring for patients in telemetry/progressive care units.

Compassionate Care of Older Adults at Risk for or Experiencing Dementia,” is a fully online, self-paced, on-demand six-week program for certified nursing assistants, home health aides, patient care assistants and caregivers. The 20-hour course certificate program integrates the “The Six Cs of Caring,” in all its components so that participants gain an understanding and the true meaning of caring as well as new skills to apply – when caring for individuals at risk for and/or experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).

Telemetry/Progressive Care,” in partnership with Cross Country Healthcare, is a fully online, self-paced, on-demand 10-week course designed for registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses, and is open to the general public. This 35-hour course is a virtual learning certificate program that will increase the understanding and clinical judgment of nurses when caring for patients with health conditions that require them to be admitted to the telemetry/step down/progressive care units. The caring science principles of competence, compassion, comportment, confidence conscience and commitment are woven throughout the video and written content of each module.

“We are excited to offer two new certificate programs for nurses and other health care providers as well as caregivers, which will ultimately enhance the care of patients with life-threatening conditions and individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias,” said Louise Aurélien-Buie, Ed.D., assistant dean of executive and continuing education and academic-practice partnerships, FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. “The two new courses embody the essence of FAU’s College of Nursing’s caring philosophy. Our online certificate programs are innovative, comprehensive and convenient for busy professionals and others who want to advance their knowledge and skill sets.” 

The Compassionate Care of Older Adults at Risk for or Experiencing Dementia course explores caring approaches for self and others, through an examination of how dementia care that is based on compassion can make a difference for both the caregiver and the person who is receiving care. The course includes an overview of the pathophysiology and signs and symptoms of ADRD, risk factors and prevention, caring-guided communication, caring-guided behavioral management, compassionate daily care, connecting with community resources, and an evaluation of past and future practices of caregiving.

“The demand for upskilling opportunities, particularly in med surge and telemetry, continues to be an industry focus,” said Hank Drummond, Ph.D., chief clinical officer for Cross Country. “Cross Country is excited to provide our loyal health care professionals this continued education opportunity to enhance and hone their skills where it is needed most.”

Upon completion of the Compassionate Care of Older Adults at Risk for or Experiencing Dementia program, participants will develop new skills to differentiate between the basic disease process and more commonly seen symptoms of ADRD and evaluate risk factors for ADRD. Participants also will learn to choose caring language that promotes positive attitudes toward aging and older adults and those with dementia and develop effective communication techniques and interventions. In addition, participants will learn how to implement dementia-friendly ways to assist individuals with completing their daily living activities and identify the best resources in community care.  

Compassionate Care of Older Adults at Risk for or Experiencing Dementia includes eight modules and costs $300 for the six-week program. All modules must be completed within six weeks. 

Upon successful completion of the Telemetry/Progressive Care program, participants will know how to use electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify underlying cardiac conditions including cardiac rhythms and dysrhythmias, health blocks and pacemaker rhythms. They also will be able to use ECG to identify different types of myocardial infarction and determine and/or carry out appropriate treatments for these cardiovascular conditions including drug therapy. Participants will learn to apply the principles of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and neuropharmacology for selected cardiovascular conditions.

Other applied skill sets participants will acquire include recognizing the pathophysiology, treatment differences and interventions to treat central nervous system disorders, acute kidney injury, electrolyte imbalances and anemia, diabetes, thyroid disorders, Addison’s disease, among others. Finally, they will be able to recognize the clinical presentation and care of patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as acute gastrointestinal bleeding, acute abdomen, acute pancreatitis and liver failure.

The Telemetry/Progressive Care program includes 15 modules and costs $2,000 for the 10-week program. All modules must be completed within 10 weeks.

For more information, visit certificate programs on the FAU College of Nursing website.