Dr. Nicholas Baima

Assistant Professor of Philosophy



PhD, Philosophy, Washington University - St. Louis

MA, Philosophy, University of Missouri - St. Louis

BA, Philosophy and Humanities, University of Northern Iowa

My research focuses on Plato’s ethical theory and its connection to epistemology. I am particularly interested in the ways in which Plato thought that ignorance and false belief can improve one’s life. Additionally, I am currently working on a series of articles related to Plato’s theology and theory of value. I seek to explore the ways in which Plato's account of ethics can provide insight into contemporary moral problems.

I see my courses as different ways of exploring the basic Socratic question of how one should live. Although the courses primarily examine this question through philosophy, I believe that by incorporating other fields of study, we can gain new perspectives on philosophical arguments.

I grew up wrestling and after college began participating in other combat sports. Besides enjoying sports, I play video games (mostly Destiny) and love animals.

Contact: 561-440-6993; HC 146


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