Healthy Campus 2030
Healthy Campus 2030
Healthy Campus 2030

Healthy Campus 2030

Healthy Campus 2030 is a national effort by the American College Health Association to improve overall health on college campuses nationwide. We are transitioning from our previous initiative, Healthy Campus 2020, into the new decade of improving health and access at Florida Atlantic. We strive to be the cornerstone of the campus to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity; be a community that supports each other academically and personally; and create a culture and environment that promotes health.

Spotlight - Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Want to feel better now? Begin your path to balance with our new program, TAO. All of us will hit a bump in the road or have a challenging life situation at some point. TAO was designed to provide you with a tool kit of effective evidence-based resources to help you bounce back from those setbacks. You have completely anonymous, free access, 24/7/365 through your institution. Create and verify your account, then once you are logged in, click on any of the photos below to take you directly to your content selection. It’s like navigating on your favorite movie app...just with content that can make a difference in how you think, feel, and function! This platform is available to all students, faculty, and staff.

TAO Quick Start:

  1. Click this link to take you to the registration:
  2. Enter your info, so we can support your account if needed.
  3. Click on the confirmation in your inbox to confirm your account.
  4. Log in here and browse:
  5. Click “Browse All Content” to explore, or any tile below to find that specific content.
  6. You can also do Ctrl F or Cmd F on your keyboard to find a topic or concern.
  7. Click “Browse All Content” in the left navigation pane when you’re done to search for new content.