Handshake is FAU’s centralized online job search portal. Handshake is available to all currently enrolled, FAU students. For more information on navigating Handshake and how to search for and apply to internships click here.
Additionally the Career Center hosts multiple career events including Internship & Job Fairs and networking opportunities based on various interests and industries. All events can be found via Handshake. For tips on viewing employers attending career fairs click here

In addition to Handshake, there are other opportunities you can find through the following resources. If you need assistance searching for an internship with these resources, please visit us during Same-Day Career Advising.

  • Internships.com can be useful for finding internships across the US with opportunities in over 9,000 cities in the US.
  • Indeed Many people know that on Indeed you can find part-time and full-time jobs, but did you know there are internships posted there, too?
  • LinkedIn is not just a professional social media platform. It allows you to network with FAU students and alumni, see their experiences, and see who is hiring interns.
  • GetThatGig.com allows you to search for opportunities by industry. It highlights popular, hiring companies and directs you to their website to explore potential internship opportunities.

For more information, schedule an appointment via Handshake and/or visit the Career Center to find suggestions specific to your area of interest.