Theatre (AER)

Students of this art form will engage themselves and their audience within an elusive time, place or emotion. Proficiency will be achieved in many skills including acting, stage and costume design, directing, producing and writing. Based on their interests, students can chose to develop certain skills to follow a certain career path. Theatre embraces the understanding of many academic disciplines and responds to the culture and topics of the day through human expression. Students choosing this major may also choose careers such as advertising, film, television, education and many others thanks to the high transferability of the skills needed to succeed in theatre.

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Related Major Skills

Good work ethic
Interpersonal skills
Public speaking skills
Appreciation of aesthetics
Attention to detail
Basic reading, writing and editing skills
Imagination and creativity
Interpretive skills
Strong communication skills




Sample Work Settings

Broadway Theaters
Community Theaters
Design Studios
Dinner Theaters
Musical Theaters
Opera Companies
Recording Studios
Showcase Comedy Clubs
Television and Motion Pictures