Philosophy (AIE)

Unlike other fields of study, philosophy pursues fundamental questions about every dimension of human life, about the nature of reality, and about the nature of knowledge and thought itself.  Philosophy is concerned with issues of ethics, politics, religion, economics and the overall beliefs and values that shape our worldview.  Philosophy develops our capacity to see the world from different perspectives and deepens our sense of the meaning and variety of human experience.  Philosophy students lean to think critically about themselves and the world that surrounds them.  Philosophical training enhances our logical and analytical abilities, our problem-solving capacities, our persuasive powers, and our ability to understand and express ideas.

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Related Major Skills


Critical thinking

Problem solving

Logical reasoning

Analytical reasoning

Deductive reasoning

Debating skills

Effective written and communication

Persuasive power

Enhanced written communication

Ability to conduct research

Ability to analyze and synthesize information



Theory development

Ability for independent work

Sample Work Settings

Law Firms


Colleges and Universities

Publishing Companies

Consulting Firms

Newspapers and Magazines

Businesses or Corporations



Religious Associations

State or Federal Government

Non-Profit Organizations

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