Linguistics (IAS)

Students interested in the study of science, language, and cultures would enjoy this academic discipline. Linguists study human languages across cultures in a scientific light. The field can be subdivided into different areas of interest. A few examples include evolutionary, historical, applied, neurological and psychological linguistics, but all linguists are interested in the grammar, meaning and the contextual use of words in different languages. Linguists are needed in a diverse range of industries because of their unique understanding of human languages and communication.

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Related Major Skills

Acknowledging value systems
Adapting to other cultures
Assessing needs
Clarifying ideas
Communicating between cultures
Comparing translations interpretations
Compiling/recording data
Evaluating information
Gathering information
Interviewing non-judgmentally
Listening carefully
Organizing materials/information
Reading critically
Reporting and editing
Summarizing ideas
Understanding cultural diversity
Understanding historical language change
Weighing values
Writing clearly
Working with original sources in many fields
Reading/writing another language
Speaking to groups

Sample Work Settings

Agency for International Development
Amnesty International
Armed Forces
Broadcasting Companies
Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Business and Industrial Organizations
CIA Catholic Relief Services
Cooperation Agency
Cultural Organizations
Customs Service
Department of Commerce
Department of State
Educational Institutions
Federal and State Government Agencies
Hotels and Resorts
International Banks
International Trade Commission
Multinational Firms Museums
National Security Council
Non-profit Organizations
Oxfam International
Peace Corps
Publishing Firms
Research Institutes
Travel Companies
US Information Agency
United Nations

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