Jewish Studies (SEI)

The Jewish Studies program promotes the academic study of Jewish culture, society and religion for all students at the University. Through the Jewish Studies Program, students may train for a career in the Jewish community or in Jewish education, learn about Jewish issues and opportunities for Jewish public service, and develop a deeper understanding of American and world Jewry, as well as enhancing a degree in the humanities or social sciences with a certificate or a degree in Jewish Studies.

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Related Major Skills

Acknowledging value systems
Clarifying ideas
Comparing translations interpretations
Compiling/recording data
Computer skills
Evaluating information
Explaining ideas carefully
Flexibility Gathering information
Lesson planning
Organizing materials/information
Reading critically
Summarizing ideas
Understanding historical language change
Writing and presenting
Writing clearly
Ability to teach and train
Ability to teach to different learning levels
Communicating between cultures
Dealing with parents or guardians
Decision making Organization
Reading/writing another language
Speaking to groups
Team player
Understanding cultural diversity

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