Finance (ESC)

Finance studies and addresses the ways monetary resources are raised, allocated, and used overtime, considering the risks entailed. Financial dealers and brokers conduct financial market transactions on behalf of clients and offer advice on financial matters. Finance is the most encompassing of all business enterprises, you must know about both the business and economy.

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Related Major Skills

Adapt well to frequent change
Analyze and interpret data
Computer literacy
Critical thinking
Logical thinking
Numerical computation
Oral and written communication
Problem solving
Systemizing skills
Team work
Work independently

Sample Work Settings

Financial Institutions
Higher Education Institutions
International Companies Labor Unions
Retail Stores
Accounting Firms
Advertising Agencies
Casinos Construction Companies
Consulting Firms
Golf Course Management
Health Care Organizations
Hotels/Motels, Resorts, Clubs
Investment Firms
Local, State & Federal Government
Real Estate Agencies
Restaurants Small Businesses
Web-based businesses

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